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The Heartbreakers
July 9, 2011, 2:23 am
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Henry picked me up after I checked out of my hotel in SF and let me crash at his place for a couple of nights. Roll up to the casa and you’re greeted by Initial Midnight.

You might’ve seen Henry’s car somewhere.

‘Merican pride! Hung out in a parking lot for a minute before getting a tour of the mountain roads.

Caught a ride in this S14. Nuts.

The next night we checked out a couple of meets. Caught a ride in my favorite car in the world thanks to Justin! He kept saying the 610 looks like crap because he had to run his spares in the front instead of his Longchamps. It’s still the greatest looking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Also, you can catch a glimpse of Yuta’s Cayman beating Civic in the background.

One thing that I’m going to remember till the day that I die is riding with everyone in the back of Justin’s 610 with the hatch open, rolling through a mall’s parking structure blasting Easy-E. FUCK YEAH!


It’s Good To Be Back
July 6, 2011, 5:10 am
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I went on vacation (or a holiday for you British and/or Top Gear fans) and have been back home now for a couple of weeks, just screwing around. I flew up to Seattle to meet up with my brother, sister, and their friends to catch a Yankees/Mariners game (strike “see a Yankees game” off my bucket list), then to Oregon and San Francisco. That’s where things got interesting. A squabble with somebody close left me heartbroken, deflated and alone.

Fortunately, good friends in “the city by the bay” (JOURNEY ROCKS!) not only kept me company, but they also re-ignited my passion for all things vehicular. I got to hang out with the Fatlace crew in San Francisco, then the internet sensations known as the Heartbreakers in San Jose (I owe Henry huge for letting me crash at his place for a couple of nights). Then on a whim, I rented a car and drove down to LA at 2am to party with some old classmates for a couple of nights, before driving back up to SFO to fly home. Gotta see the silver lining in everything right?

One day, Jan from Fatlace picked me up from my hotel in Union Square and brought me to every man’s wet dream known as the Fatlace Paddock. So much cool stuff happening at that place… I would NEVER be able to work there, simply because there are too many toys!

Mark’s drift S14

R32 GT-R that was to built for Time Attack, but I heard it’s been put up for sale. Nonetheless, carbon fiber aero and Weds wheels are gorgeous.

Cool guy Kenny working with the lift so we could sneak a peak under the most amazing Lotus I have ever seen. And what’s that in the background?

Oh hello, my beauties… a completely stock Kenmeri Skyline and a gorgeous Fairlady Roadster. I never thought I would see a Kenmeri in the metal. This is the thing that dreams are made of!

Afterwards, they took me next door so I could give my expert opinion on their shaved ice, since I’m from Hawaii. Making it yourself is so much more rewarding than buying it from Aoki’s, Waiola’s or Matsumoto’s! Then it started snowing in the warehouse. A minibike was started up and donuts ensued. Hilarity at it’s best!

A day or two later, we all met up again by Berkeley to attempt, The Ring of Death. Basically, a hot dog, a plate of italian food, an ice cream sandwich, yogurt and something else. Or something like that. I failed horribly. As a consolation prize I did get to see what is hands down, the sickest Corolla ever.

My hands were shaking from excitement. KENNY… IAMNOTWORTHY!

Bad. Fucking. Ass.

I really wish I brought my camera. Big mahalos to the Fatlace homies. I still gotta send you guys some li hing mui!

Adventures from San Jose with the Heartbreakers coming in part deuce!

And on a side note, I gotta say… it feels weird finally meeting the people that you’ve been idolizing and emulating the last couple of years. The fact that I’ve met them through the internet makes me feel like a creepy Craigslist missed connections guy. HAHAHAHA!

You Know You Want It
October 1, 2010, 3:12 am
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So hit up Dsalni because he’s selling his sex on wheels S14 for sale. KA-T = power as well as torque and choice quality parts make this a solid deal. Check out Dslani’s blog for the parts list, as well as more pictures.

I almost owned an S14 many a moons ago. I owned a Ducati Monster 620 and someone locally wanted to trade me his ’95 240sx for that bike. I paid $2500 for the Monster in poor condition and put about $2000 into getting her rideable. His S14 had a Kouki headlight conversion, SR20 swap, Vertex kit and 5zigen FNO1C’s. Whenever I think about it, I kick my own ass for not jumping on the deal fast enough as by the time I made my decision, he had traded someone else already.

Seriously one of the sexiest S14’s out there. Good job building it and I hope it goes to a nice home.

The Differences Between Right and Wrong. Part 2.
December 16, 2009, 4:39 am
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There are a surprising amount of people who actually like this swap.  S13/180SX with the S30Z front end.  I don’t get why though.  The lines of the Z front end are nowhere NEAR the lines of the S chassis rear, whether it’s the S13 or the 180SX.  Apparently, there’s a company in Japan who makes swap kits for this conversion.  Once again.  Why?

I couldn’t find any information on this Z which looks like to be from an old issue of Turbo Magazine.  Because it was featured in Turbo, I’m sure the motor is a complete animal, but the visuals…  UGHH.  It looks like someone welded a late 90’s Ford Taurus front end to the Z.

For the most part, I think head and taillight conversions should be left in the 90’s.  However, there are a select few conversions that can be pulled off cleanly and enhance the looks of a car.

For Kirk…  The Falken Tires S13.4 VIP-styled convertible.  The Kouki S14 headlights compliment the s13 taillights as well as the boxy body.  I would probably ditch the Sparcos for some Brides or Recaros though.

And the JDM Nissan Stagea wagon.  Why can’t we ever get cool stuff in the states?  Once again, the boxy body compliments the R34 headlights perfectly and the Bayside Blue paint from the R34 GT-R completes the package.  Slam it lower on those Advan T5’s and call it a day.