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March 24, 2012, 11:43 pm
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Picked all these up off of JNC for $60 shipped. Not bad considering if I can ever find any Japanese tuning mag here (usually Option, Drift Tengoku, or VIP Car), it’s $20+ for an old issue. Score!

Added bonus, in the Z car HyperRev, a page is signed by Steve Millen!

Milford Sound in New Zealand


I Hope You’ve Been Saving Your Pennies!
July 20, 2011, 8:22 am
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I was browsing the JNC project Hako build thread and the age old discussion came up about the unicorn of all parts… the OS Giken TC-24 dual cam head. There was a lot of heresy stemming from last years SEMA show, when OS Giken had their crown jewel on display. Rumors of the head being remade and to be offered for $30,000 have been floating around since then. The rumors are true… and it gets even wilder.

Kev from JNC spoke to an Aussie OS-Giken distributer who confirmed that as of now, six heads cast in the 80’s have been set aside and all have been spoken for. One for a lucky Australian Z car nut, five slated to be delivered to U.S. enthusiasts, and a final head for OS Giken’s demo car. More heads are planned for casting with a current price tag of just under $42,000. OS Giken is also planning to sell a 3.2 liter crate motor complete with IRTBs and a header for a mind-boggling $90,000! 400HP at 11,000 RPMs? Yes please!

By the way, what’s the going rate for one’s kidney nowadays?

JNC Project Hako build thread

VicZCAR forums

Couple Randoms From The Desktop
March 8, 2011, 9:19 am
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Here’s a first for my blog. Isuzu Bellett GT-R. I honestly don’t know much about them other than the fact that they have a dual cam 1.6L engine and that they’re rare as unicorn poop. Somebody school me!

Proof that Watanabes look good on anything. I’ve been telling EVERYBODY who will listen to me that new(er) cars look great on small wheels and huge sidewalls, but not many believe me. This is the only picture that I remembered where I pulled it from. Props to Matt from Farm Of Minds

Watanabes again? Stay classy, Coupe.

I. LOVE. THIS. PICTURE. It’s like Pokemon. I need to catch ’em all. Bluebirds, Hako, Fairlady and 1200… OH MY!

Watch This.
March 5, 2011, 11:53 pm
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Big ups once again to Rod. Sick video from Nostalgic 2 Days. My jaw literally dropped.

Tetsuya Garage

Sunday 2/13/11 (C&C)
February 16, 2011, 1:50 am
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After an exhausting Saturday of walking around Aloha Stadium in the blistering sun, Sunday morning started off the same way. Picked up my friend at the crack of 8:30 and headed over to the Ala Moana Shopping Center for Cars and Coffee. It was surprisingly disappointing.

A couple of friends that I spoke to at C&C told me that they usually have about 60 cars or so that come out but on Sunday, there were probably 30. I love my Kyusha, but I also love exotics. I was hoping to see the Murcielago LP 670-4 SV, Maserati MC12 and DeTomosa Pantera on 15″ SSR Formula Meshes that I’ve caught a glimpse of before, but alas, they didn’t show.

Ironically, his license plate is “FML”. Must be tough driving a Lambo around.

Super ballin’. M3 on LM-Rs? Yessssss…

Gallardo Superleggera LP570-4. Brand new, still sporting paper plates. It could use a drop and spacers.

‘Dat ass… Panteras are seriously an underrated car. So much presence.

Bond. James Bond. Daniel Craig is a good actor but the simple fact that they had to butcher a perfectly good, classic Aston and make it an auto because he can’t drive stick makes me sick.

The owner of this guy said it was built and tuned in the mainland by the SP Engineering crew. 750hp on upgraded turbos…


All in all, it was a little disappointing that the crowd wasn’t as big as I was expecting, but there were some beautiful cars there (not to mention some nicely enhanced ladies). Sorry, no Kyusha coverage in this post. Just wait for tomorrow!

Why Fatlace’s Skyline Giveaway Is A Bad Idea
February 2, 2011, 3:18 am
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The odds of this ending badly is high. Here’s my opinion why.

While the majority of Fatlace‘s cult-like following are car heads, I’d guess few have much experience with old cars. Having to deal with a lack of parts, possible rust, maybe even a previous owners shoddy modifications and repairs… Throw in the fact that this is a car most of us have never received in our home country. This is a recipe for disaster.

The car is described in the flyer as a “project” and according to Speedhunters it will be built to the specs of the rendering. Hopefully, they give it a JDM Legends style rebuild, leaving no stone untouched for the new owner.

However, no amounts of time or money can prepare the new owner for something going wrong. A part failing or maybe a fender bender. If something breaks on a new car or even a classic Mustang, a call to the dealer or a trip to the junkyard will rectify the problem. Now imagine a trailer kicking up a rock into this Kenmeri’s windshield. The new owners gonna need DEEEEEP pockets and some connections to get his new parts. I’ve always agreed with the saying “You’ve gotta pay to play”. The new owner won’t be paying for the car (and let’s be honest, the chances of the new owner being a 18 year old hipster making $9 an hour and would happily trade it for a new GT-R and some Nike SB’s in a heartbeat are pretty high).

As our scene of J-Tin gains popularity and more people get into it, we have to preserve what little is left. Rust and time have already taken it’s toll on thin Japanese metal. I guess I’m just afraid that the Fatlace Kenmeri would end up getting parted out, sold off or worst of all… broken and rusting away because the new owner was unable to repair it due to lack of funds or know how.

I’ve made a couple of great friends from Fatlace so I’m in no way dogging on them or saying this is gonna fail. Nor am I saying that I’m a better car builder than anybody. I honestly suck at technical stuff as my buddies can attest to… I purposely chose the 510 and 240z because not only are they some of my favorite cars, they have some of the largest support groups of all Japanese cars from that era. I truly hope that the new owner can carry the torch and take it to the next level after Fatlace has done their thing. I just hope it goes to a true enthusiast so that this Kenmeri can have a fighting chance.

Hako Heaven
December 23, 2010, 12:48 am
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Since Minkara pwns me (I really am technologically illiterate), I like to peruse sites like JDM Style Tuning for my fix of automotive erotica. Recently posted on the forums were some pictures from the Skyline Owners Battle at the Tsukuba Circuit. Here’s some of my favs.

So freakin’ buff.