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Nickel and Dime
November 26, 2009, 10:21 am
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I noticed that I got a couple of hits from the great men and women over from, so ladies and gentlemen…  Here’s to you!  Also, Mr. Perreira, when your uncle’s SR-510 is done, you HAVE to convince him to take me for a ride along!  Each of these 510’s/Bluebirds had something special that caught my eye.  Feast your retinas on these before you feast your belly on turkey!

Missing C-pillar vents and front turn indicators are a sure sign that this 510 is a work in progress.  Those Longchamps however, are absolutely PERFECT.  They look like they were just shipped out of the SSR factory, with the sizing and offset on point!

I’m sure nearly every Datsun enthusiast is familiar with this Bluebird.  Sporting an SR20 from a S15 Silvia, it was immortalized in the pages of Super Street.  I have never been a fan of oversized and modern wheels on vintage cars and this ‘Bird is no exception.  HOWEVER, I am crazy about clean engine bays and this ranks right up there with the best.  I’m looking forward to pulling my L28 so I can weld up holes, clean up some wires and repaint the bay.

One of the most infamous racing liveries as far as American Import racing is concerned.  The corkscrew at Laguna Seca.  Need I say more?

Dave Coleman has always been one of my favorite writers and editors in the magazine business.  I was a Sophomore in high school when his 240sx/S13 project car hit the stands in ’01-02ish.  $3,000 to build an S13?  OMG.  I was planning on joining the Air Guard and using the $2,500 signing bonus (or whatever the bonus was back then), to build my very own street bruiser S13.  Unfortunately, the drift tax destroyed my dreams.  Clean running S-chassis, were apparently worth $3,500 instead of the $350 I used to see them listed for after drifting exploded into the mainstream.  Mr. Coleman began a new project car that I went head over heels for.  Combining my two favorite things ever…  Datsuns and rally racing.

R.I.P. Sport Compact Car.

Finally, I leave you now with this Bluebird.  Perfection.  I would not change a single thing on this car.  The stance is flawless.  Hayashi Streets are one of the most iconic wheels one could run for a period correct look.  It even has the 80’s-style rear deck speakers!  Just imagine terrorizing the streets in this beast!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m thankful for my family, friends, car, health and job (In that order!).  Also, thanks to those who read this blog!  I’ve been watching the statistics and it looks like the reader base is really starting to grow!