Kyusha Kai

November 16, 2010, 7:46 am
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What is up with people and screwing up 620s? Why why why??? Stock bodied 620s are better than any MacGyver’ed swap job people do in their backyards.

A Sentra front end? REALLY?

Jeeps everywhere are angry.


Oh Noes…
October 12, 2010, 1:22 am
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This abortion of a pick up truck was for sale on Craigslist a while back. I can just imagine what that guy was thinking… Let’s get a perfectly good 620 and graft a Frontier front end to it! I bet it would look AWESOME!

Ratsun Art
December 24, 2009, 1:21 am
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I found an AMAZING artist while googling around…  Mr. Scott Fischer aka Fisch.  I didn’t want to post his art without his permission and was gonna hunt out his email, but lo and behold…  He pops up on JNC.  Not only does he make amazing pieces for books, games and prints… He also has the same crazy love for Datsuns that a us lot of do! He uses Photoshop and a Wacom pen to put together these beauties… I really need to brush up on my art (meaning, I haven’t touched a pencil in about 8 years).

Datsun 510 Jetfighter. I love these old school fighter jet styled designs. Check the details… The exhaust pipes exiting from the fenders make me wonder what kind of motor would power this mythical creature. Mr. Fisch, PLEASE do a Ratsun with the hood open and engine details! It would be INSANE!

Datsun B210- Honey Bee. If I didn’t have a Z or couldn’t get a 510, this would be next in line. Unfortunately, I have yet to see one for sale in Hawaii. Those bolt on flares, front lip and power bulge hood looks soooooooo tasty.

Datsun 620 KC- Bullets INC. The kink on the door that follows all the way down the bed makes this the best designed truck ever. Extra points for the bullet holes! I wonder if it could be done on a real car, without the police pulling you over thinking the car is stolen?

521 Sake Samurai with pin-up. I could have sworn I read somewhere that this is based on his own truck. Fisch, if you see this, care to chime in? This is by far my favorite. So many new little details that I notice every time I stare at this picture. There’s the obvious… The gorgeous girl and samurai swords. Then I began noticing other things. The faded Sakura blossom decal. The samurai helmet antenna ball. The original VIP curtains made of bamboo. This truck ROCKS!

I have never wanted to build a Ratsun 510 wagon so badly in my life.  I love my Z to death and she looks gorgeous with her paint, but something about a rusty, faded, work-in-progress rod just stirs the soul.

I’m begging you all, click the pictures to check out the details.  Then click the provided links to check out his other pieces.  Finally, purchase, purchase, purchase!  I can’t wait until he does the Z…  It’ll go straight up on my wall.  I’ll post up more of his work when I get the chance.

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