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You Know You Want It
October 1, 2010, 3:12 am
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So hit up Dsalni because he’s selling his sex on wheels S14 for sale. KA-T = power as well as torque and choice quality parts make this a solid deal. Check out Dslani’s blog for the parts list, as well as more pictures.

I almost owned an S14 many a moons ago. I owned a Ducati Monster 620 and someone locally wanted to trade me his ’95 240sx for that bike. I paid $2500 for the Monster in poor condition and put about $2000 into getting her rideable. His S14 had a Kouki headlight conversion, SR20 swap, Vertex kit and 5zigen FNO1C’s. Whenever I think about it, I kick my own ass for not jumping on the deal fast enough as by the time I made my decision, he had traded someone else already.

Seriously one of the sexiest S14’s out there. Good job building it and I hope it goes to a nice home.


Aloha Kings Pt. 2
March 2, 2010, 4:27 pm
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My vote for best of show.  Incredible stance.

This guy was easily the most dedicated there.  He was unable to finish his car in time so he got towed behind someone from Makakilo (which is a good 25 miles away), with no pedals…  Only a handbrake!  If that’s not love for the scene, I have no idea what is.

Clean Cressida wagon flossin’ some Watanabes and a fender job.  Note the California plates.  A couple days before the show, I heard through the grape vine that a cargo ship came into port carrying a bunch of cars for the show, but I didn’t see any cars I haven’t seen before that were worth shipping over.

This Evo always captures my attention.  Voltex aero, mag blue TE37’s and a whole lot of detail in the engine bay.  He won best “Time Attack Style”, which he deserves.

And best VIP went to this Lexus LS430/Celsior.  Big bodied car, Work rims and Brembo brakes.  Super fresh but I’m so thankful I didn’t go the VIP route when it was time to buy a car.

More coming later!  Time for a haircut!

March 1, 2010, 12:25 am
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After yesterdays tsunami failure, HellaFlush4: Aloha Kings went off without a hitch.  While a lot of cars weren’t up to HellaFlush standards (mine included), it was a really laid back show and I got to meet some cool people (Kenny and Mark from FatLace!).

I’m too lazy to upload the few pictures that I took, so here’s some I found online.

DOPE Honda Ruckus.  Probably not as crazy as the So Cal and Japanese dudes do it, but still awesome.  I really want to get one soon.

My Kyusha Kai brothers, Julian’s Celica Supra and Ralphs Cressida.

This car totally should have won something.  It was previously featured on the HellaFlush site and rocks some awesome SSR Professors.

Finally, presenting my baby…  The front spoiler barely cleared a 2 inch block of wood and the exhaust was an inch off the ground.  I got stuck on a road joint on the way over.  I had to jump up and down in my seat while gassing it to get myself freed.  Not quite as flush as it should have been, but I really got screwed over by a wheel repair place.  More on everything later since I’ve been up since 6am.