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It’s Official!
March 20, 2012, 3:56 pm
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Datsun Saves

Carlos Ghosn announced the return of the almighty Datsun nameplate! Unfortunately for the majority of us, it will only be available in emerging markets. They should really consider bringing it over to the states and have a serious Scion fighter. The Cube and Versa, for example, could easily be rebadged and sold under Datsun since they are already affordable entry level cars. Their halo car(s) though… I’m thinking a 2500lb car with sporty suspension, decent looks, and the 1.6 liter direct injected turbo engine lifted from the Nissan Juke. Sell it for around $20,000 in either coupe, sedan, or wagon form, and call it… the 510! Hell, even resurrecting the 240sx/Silvia nameplate would be ok. Another great car to have would be a svelte coupe, under 3000lbs, use the retired 3.5 liter V6 from the 350Z, and sell for mid to high $20k to hark the 240Z. Sell it with basic amenities so it won’t cut into the 370Z’s sales and it’s a done deal.

With the hype that the FT86/BRZ is garnering, I’m really surprised more automakers aren’t jumping on it. The people are shouting that we want our fun cars, and those that I build in my head would not only satisfy the young enthusiasts looking for a fun and cheap car, but it would also gain sales from the older generation who USED to have a 510 or Z car, and want to reminisce about their old ride.

Datsun, to thank me for my wonderful ideas, I’ll take one of each in orange.


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Kyusha is right! An rumours were over the internet last week. Now Carlos Ghosn announced it

Comment by Jose M. López

That is a very good news! But it doesnt look to arrive to European contries… Anyway let see how they develope the old-new brand since is Renault alliance, and Dacia is cheapest brand in Euro/African countries.

Comment by Jose M. López

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