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March 14, 2012, 12:00 am
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To whomever can find me the size and offset of the rear SSR’s on the Wood Village Z.

Wood Village Z


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G-Works did a two or three page article of it in their special edition S30Z “Bible” and it must say but I just got to work…I’ll check when I get home this evening.

Comment by pedalwithoutacause

Thanks J!

Comment by kyushakai

Ask and you shall receive 🙂

Like J, I too have a copy of the G-works S30Z special.

The wheel setup is:
Front: 10J -10mm offset. 255/40/17J Advan A050
Rear: 11J -40mm offset. 255/40/17J Advan AO50

Also, it appears to have stock inner fenders (no visual evidence of wheel tubs) and appears to be F3CS 4-pots, if that gives you any clues for how he managed to squeeze such wide wheels under there.

If you need any more information on it just shoot me a mail, or better yet, post it as a blog post and it’ll pop up in my RSS; that way everyone can join in on the fun 🙂

Keep up the good work on the blog,

All the best,


PS: Nom nom nom…e-cookies are delicious.

Comment by Paul

Devil “track” Z !!

Comment by Nigel

BINGO. G-Works says…

F: 10J-17 O/F -10mm
R: 11J-17 O/F -40mm

255/40R17 F/R

The rear ET might be EFFECTIVE offset because they show the rear runs a 25mm bolt on spacer. The front and rear wheels looks similar too so I’d bet money the rear wheel is REALLY a 11J-17 ET -15.
They run a small shim style spacer in the front to clear the FC3 4pot calipers just FYI.

Comment by pedalwithoutacause


Comment by kyushakai

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