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This Is Going To Get Interesting…
July 6, 2011, 9:49 pm
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So I picked these up locally for a song. Seriously too good of a deal to not jump on them. 14×9 and 14×10 with 0 offset and nearly new 205/60/14r Federal tires.

Here’s some shots of my current favorite Z at the moment, courtesy of Inzane240, rocking 15×9.5 0 offset Epsilons in the rear.

I could get them to fit with max camber, a roll, pull, tug, baseball bat, etc., but I don’t want to. Probably just gonna sell them. Or stare at them until I find a car I can fit them on.


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My mood right now was totally thinking of putting silver chrome Equip 03’s on my 510(just dreaming for now though). Hey shoot me an email at classicdatsuns(at)gmail I’ll let you know who I know to see if you know anyone I know (if that makes any sense).

Comment by Drive510

Golden Work Equip 03’s are the best choice for the Z in my opionion. will definitily get a set for my Zed as soon as all the other stuff is done 🙂

Comment by

Hey I think your the guy that bought my equips, I had no idea you had a blog like this!

Comment by kentk808

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