Kyusha Kai

May 4, 2011, 7:28 am
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Each and every one of these.

The unmistakable “Surf Line” plus the wide steelies are craaaaazy.

I have a sick love for Longchamps. Too bad if you don’t like it.


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Please sir, may I have some more?

Comment by Evan

Any ideas of whats the color on 510? Or maybe more photos of it?

Comment by Romas

Sorry, no other photos… I’m gonna guess it’s the stock orange, which can look almost brownish depending on the light.

Like this one:

Comment by kyushakai

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a wide steelie before, and thumbs up on that first pic.

Comment by Drive510

In europe they call them “banded” steelies.
The first pic shows how awesome your goon could be.(Longchamps are great).

Comment by Nigel

I heard in Europe, the trend started out with people cutting/rewelding their own wheels, but it was super hard to get them road legal or something, so that’s when companies started making their own widened steel wheel. Any truth behind that?

Comment by kyushakai

I don’t know? I do remember seeing someone building a set in Retro Cars magazine. The technique maybe started in the 60’s or 70’s ? (Maybe ok at the track, just not ok on the street.)

Comment by Nigel

Those are 3 nasty pics right there… Heres’a couple more of the 510 I found in Lightning that I posted up a while back

I ❤ 13's on 510's.

Comment by Eric


They kick ass!

Comment by Erwan

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