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April 11, 2011, 6:46 pm
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I noticed a thread on a local forum where a member was selling a set of Axis OG Sakuras (and all the idiots were talking about how awesome they are). I won’t get into how much I hate replicas because I know some of you guys are tired of me rambling, but under his description it states:

The legendary Sakura wheel has been re-issued. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) was one of the most iconic wheels in Japan during the late 70’s. AXIS has found the original mold, and updated it for a modern application.

Before trolling his thread about how Hayashi’s are the true OG’s and that his statement is stupid, I looked up the Axis Sakuras on their website. There it is in black and white (digital) ink, blatantly stating it to be true. WTF, really? What mold did they find?

Axis OG Sakura wheels

By the way, has anyone actually ORDERED these from Hayashi? I know it still lists it on their website with pricing but everytime I search, no one seems to be able to confirm if they’re still for sale.


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i am going to ask Hayashi about the original mold…how the hell can you `find` an original mold

Comment by Rod

also they are still for sale, i talked with a Hayashi rep. at nostalgic2days

Comment by Rod

Makes me wonder if they meant that they took an original RIM and fab’d their own mold.

Comment by Drive510

I call BS.

Comment by dropjay

*doesn’t see at all what’s wrong with replica wheels.

Comment by regal

I used to have an elitest stance against any and all replicas. Now I worry about my car other than other peoples. But to say outright they have an original mold (that looks nothing like the original wheel) is blasphemous.

To each his own. IMO, quality parts begets a quality car. Some rather spend less money on a replica part so that they can afford a quality life… and I can dig that.

Comment by kyushakai

ah, now I see what you were getting at.

Comment by regal

it never stops man.

Comment by xonix_digital

Did you see someone selling Rota Shakotan (Hayashi Street look-a-likes) on Craigslist? Too bad there isn’t copyright infringements on rims. Sad though…

Comment by Jin

These OG Sakura things look like buttered ass. Why is the face convex? They’re doing it wrong.

I must grudgingly admit that the Rota Shakotan looks a LOT like a Hayashi Street. It’s probably the best replica wheel I’ve ever seen.

Comment by Chris Davis

I’m with you. The Rota Shakotan actually looks really good. Most of the reps are terrible reincarnations of the replicas. I can spot fake Watanabes (i.e. Rota RB’s) a mile away, but I think if I saw the Shakotans on a car, it would probably fool me.

Comment by kyushakai

In Europe is really difficoult to get real JDM wheels 😦

Comment by Carmelo

I quite like the OG blossoms it really does suck how hard it is to get nice and out there (ish) wheels in England that don’t come with a massive price tag.

Comment by Dave Squires-Chown

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