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March 24, 2011, 8:07 am
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Someday, when I have 11tybillion dollars and a house with a 30 car garage, I’d love to build a true Boso car. I can just imagine cruising it down the strip of Waikiki flipping off cops and tourists while listening to some 80’s rock music.

But until that day I’ll stick with my tastefully modified cars.


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those are breath-taking. I don’t like them, but they still make me say wow

Comment by Isidro

it always makes me sad to see presius metal wrecked boso with ristraint can look realy cool but just think how meny awsome cars have been cut up beond repair over the years for the sake of what?

Comment by oliver

I agree with you to a point. If someone did some crazy Boso pipes or Super Silhouette style body to something rare, then it’s painful. For the most part, it seems only the common cars get butchered. If they screw it up… buy another from the junkyard for a couple hundred bucks!

Comment by kyushakai

This will happen stateside soon enough.

Saw a shoot recently of someone with an MX63 with a sharknose, etc. It was still on the mild side of a real grachan build, but excellent nonetheless.

boso/grachan/yanky is all in the details, and people are finally starting to pay attention and get it right.

Comment by Chris

I was reading the build thread of the sharknose Cressida! It must be cool to be one of the first in the states to build something like that!

Comment by kyushakai

The bottom one is a 300ZX 😛 While tagged as 280ZX.

Comment by Daniel

Thanks for pointing that out! Can’t believe I missed that!

Comment by kyushakai

I had a turbo Z31 in front of my house for the longest time. Friend is still trying to get rid of it but he’s not trying hard enough. I’m trying to convince him to boso it out.

Comment by Drive510

Oh man, that would be so AWESOME!

Comment by kyushakai

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