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Shooting Stars
March 22, 2011, 6:09 pm
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The boys over at Riverside sure do know how to have a good time. From the stars in the background of the blog to the 9 INCH WIDE SSR Star Sharks under metal fenders… it’s killin’ me. This car almost makes me wish I picked up a two or four door sedan just so I can have the independent rear instead of a solid axle.

Don’t believe the hype, you can go crazier than 7″ wheels with 0 offset on a 510! HAHA!


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bloody new zealanders.

they really know how to make cars

Comment by aidan

the guys down in nz take nothing for granted there workman ship and finish is amongst the very best in the world

Comment by oliver

You got my attention now. Dope post.

Comment by Drive510

Really nice.

Comment by xonix_digital

my wheels are so week! 😦

Comment by anth

*weak. fml

Comment by anth

dont worry.. your car is the bomb.

Comment by aidan

chill dude your wheels are sweet and your ride is timeless

Comment by oliver

I agree with these cats! Anth, your car is and always will be one of my favs.

Comment by kyusha kai

This has to be my favorite stanced 510 of all time!!!!

Comment by rpreme

Killing it.

Comment by Jun

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