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Vintage Flush
March 21, 2011, 3:58 am
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According to SpeedHunters, which is the central hub trolled by the world’s finest automotive experts, the HellaFlush trend is on the way out. These grainy photos prove that the flush look has lived and always will live on, regardless of what 13 year old boys say.

BOOOOOOOOM! Loving those SSRs.


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Great post.

Comment by DaveT

that one looks better than 99.9% of the `hellaflush` cars today

Comment by Rod

tru fitment (as above) is timeless and should always stay with us but the wankerised super skinny walled 45degree camber 13in wide wheels with a 3in contact pach needs to go but at the end of the day screw whats in style arnt our cars ment to reflect us not just whats in the new 2011 catologue?

Comment by oliver

thats what im saying man. “hella flush” trendy or what ever u want to call or talk shit about….its been this way and always will be that a car lowered on nice wide wheels will always look better.

Comment by kenny

I ❤ Z31s.
Especially this one. Just throw the Pantera hatch in the bushes and shes perfect!

Comment by xonix_digital

i dont understand what ppl see in those hatches.

ive seen s30z with them as well.

hideous in my opinion.

*and less space to fit rims in the back

Comment by aidan

I agree 100% with you guys. Those hatches are absolute garbage. In my opinion it makes the car look like a cheap kit car.

Comment by Kyusha Kai

Just as soon put on *louvre’s and you still have the same amount of space. Rest of the car is awesome !!

*(Don’t know about the spelling.)

Comment by Nigel

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