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Sweet Jesus
March 2, 2011, 7:55 am
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Rod of Tetsuya Garage pointed me towards his personal blog with some AMAZING coverage of the recent Nostalgic 2 Days. Here’s my favs.

You can never go wrong with the classic Watanabes. Ever.

Hells yeah. Techno Phantoms. I really want to pick up some Techno Phantoms, Riverside Riverges or Star Sharks. Something a little more intricate and jewel-like than the wheels I already have.

Burgundy Hako sedan with some DEEEEEEEEEP 01’s. I love how classy the color is, as it probably wouldn’t work as well on a coupe.

Star Road’s always spotless S30Z now rocking color matched Equip 03’s.

Kenmeri on the new Work Meister CR01’s. I am not a fan of these wheels. I don’t know, I think it’s the shape of the spokes and the extra holes around the lug nut holes. In my opinion it makes it look cheap. *Flame suit on*

Beautiful TE72 on the new Gram Lights 57v. Not a fan of these wheels either. I thought they would grow on me but they still haven’t. Maybe it needs more dish. By the way, anyone notice the fender mirrors? NISSAN BABY! Take that, Brice!

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Love the color on the Hako. I can’t decide what to paint my 510, I want something that would look good on a 4 door but not a 2. This burgundy is in the running. And if only I could afford some old school wheels.

Comment by Mike

omg the red kenmeri <3

Comment by Isidro

im trying to edit the video i took of the show as well but the pics i have on my blog are only about half of what was at the show… still need to edit the other half of the pics… btw i`m with you about the new works, lacks the `japaneseishness` to me they should bring back the old one piece excels or negatives

Comment by Rod

OOOOOH! Can’t wait to watch your video man!

Comment by kyushakai

I get what you mean about not liking the new Meisters, Lance. It feels like they cheaped out trying to reach out to the kyu sha crowd by giving us a half-assed offroad wheel with multi-drilled holes.

Comment by LäWhy?

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