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Sunday 2/13/11 (Kyusha Kai Meet)
February 18, 2011, 1:45 am
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I put together a little BBQ the day after HellaFlush as an excuse for everyone to bring out their cars and trade stories. Great times, good food and sweet cars. It just sucks that Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I wanted to since I was busy manning the BBQ grill.

Super cool 1959 Datsun 1000. It’s got a real Hot Rod style to it.

My buddy Christian’s EF hatch. He was telling me he had to raise the car and this is his raised height. Haha, crazy kid.

Shakotan Ralph’s Cressida. Absolutely killer.

TE27 Corolla on Centerlines.

Justin and Mike’s 86. I’ve been watching this build on Facebook for a while now and finally getting to see it at HellaFlush and the BBQ was awesome. No shortcuts, it even has AC! Loving the SSRs. I want to buy another set of rims already.

Julian’s new Hachi. Sadly, he sold his Celica Supra but the new project is coming along beautifully.

Sweet 510. Color is awesome. Hayashi Streets are awesome. JDM grill is awesome. This thing is just a whole car full of awesome.

I still want one of these. One day I’ll own one.

I love seeing both of my babies together. I really need to go lower and space out the front of the Z. I don’t know if that’s a good idea though, I’d really mess up my exhaust as I’m already scraping it on big dips and bumps on the road.

I’ve been bit by the car bug lately. Usually I’m too lazy to do anything after I get off of work but lately all I want to do is work on the wagon. Took apart the dashboard to get rid of all the old nasty wiring, cleaned up the engine compartment a little more and started scraping off the deadening.


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All those pics make me miss Hawaii. Good post bro. Good times, with good friends and good food.

Comment by Drive510

Kyusha, it is Fisch from Ratsun. Hey man do you have any other photos of this bad ass ’59? Don’t know if I’ve told you but I have one in the garage!

I have tried to get more pics of this 1000, and if you have more I would be your best friend if you hook me up!

Comment by Fisch

FISCH! I’ll see what I can dig up! I only managed to grab a couple of pics of the 1000 since I was in charge of making sure our burgers didn’t burn, but I’m sure my buddies got some shots.

Comment by kyushakai

The Cressida on Longchamps looks awesome.
Your 510 goon already has character.

Comment by Nigel

That longchamped Cressida has me debating even harder my new daily hack choice…. FC or MX73….. hmmmm

Comment by Brad D.

Haha, tough call Brad! I LOOOOOVE FC’s (in fact my experiences getting sideways was when I was about 14 inside of a Turbo II), but watching my friend Ralph roll around scraping the belly of his MX73 is the coolest thing EVER!

Comment by kyushakai

you’re lucky man! How’s to drive a Z?

Comment by Jose M. Lopez

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