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Saturday 2/12/11
February 15, 2011, 2:50 am
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After sleeping over at Justin’s house and being stuck in the garage for the majority of the night due to pouring rain, the sky cleared up on Saturday for a nice, albeit hot day. We woke up decently early and rolled on over to Aloha Stadium to check out HellaFlush.

It was a really good show with a wide variety of builds and a lot of projects saw their debut.

I finally got to check out Lance Harano’s Sprinter up close. This thing is amazing!

Royden’s Corolla wagon rolling on Watanabes. I think he said 15×9″ -13.

MMM… Rubber.

This black on black Supra kept drawing me back. Targa top with the cage looks TOUGH!

Hachi crew. I love all of their wheels.

Crazy Nissan Hardbody with some Boso looking flares. I saw it another car show with it’s hood open… VQ power baby!

Super clean Toyota truck on some 17″ SSR Reverse Mesh. I want a truck now…

I only took shots of stuff that interests me, but if you’re interested in seeing the rest check out SpeedHawaii for the full coverage.


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So many cool cars on such a small island! I’ve been wanting a truck too. Gotta keep it in the family tho, 521 for me 🙂

Comment by Mike

Trucks are cool (620,720, B110 & hilux).
Like the Corolla wagon also.

Comment by Nigel

I’m in love with this HiLux as well…

Unfortunately, it was parked right next to the Sprinter and I couldn’t get a clear shot of it without someone walking in front of me.

Comment by kyushakai

Used to have an 81′ Corolla 4dr, my dad got it for $150.00. I got it from him for free. Gave it away for free, you could see the ground from the rear shock towers. (Should have kept it and fixed it).
Need a garage !!

Comment by Nigel

Where’s the pics of the z?

Comment by inzane240

My Z? I didn’t enter. Didn’t really do anything to it, so I figured no point.

Comment by kyushakai

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