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Friday 2/11/11
February 13, 2011, 11:34 pm
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Brice and I went over to Justin’s house to help him tear apart the blown two liter 3tc that he had gotten his hands on. Justin and the Mad Scientist tore tore apart the block to salvage whatever parts they could, but the piston rings were fried (Fast and the Furious reference for extra points!). I mostly just slept in Brice’s Cressida.

Justin’s Hulk-like arms made quick work of engine.

The 3tc was freshly rebuilt with some pretty choice parts. ARP studs, extra capacity oil pan, new bearings and seals… All worthless when the stock rod decided to grenade itself and smash through the block.

But what happened to the missing chunks out of the con rod? We peeled off the oil pan to find the carnage… MMM milk and metal chunks!



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Holy Crap !!
I’ve seen motors let go at the track, but to look at the damage is still a bit scary.

Comment by Nigel

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