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Why Fatlace’s Skyline Giveaway Is A Bad Idea
February 2, 2011, 3:18 am
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The odds of this ending badly is high. Here’s my opinion why.

While the majority of Fatlace‘s cult-like following are car heads, I’d guess few have much experience with old cars. Having to deal with a lack of parts, possible rust, maybe even a previous owners shoddy modifications and repairs… Throw in the fact that this is a car most of us have never received in our home country. This is a recipe for disaster.

The car is described in the flyer as a “project” and according to Speedhunters it will be built to the specs of the rendering. Hopefully, they give it a JDM Legends style rebuild, leaving no stone untouched for the new owner.

However, no amounts of time or money can prepare the new owner for something going wrong. A part failing or maybe a fender bender. If something breaks on a new car or even a classic Mustang, a call to the dealer or a trip to the junkyard will rectify the problem. Now imagine a trailer kicking up a rock into this Kenmeri’s windshield. The new owners gonna need DEEEEEP pockets and some connections to get his new parts. I’ve always agreed with the saying “You’ve gotta pay to play”. The new owner won’t be paying for the car (and let’s be honest, the chances of the new owner being a 18 year old hipster making $9 an hour and would happily trade it for a new GT-R and some Nike SB’s in a heartbeat are pretty high).

As our scene of J-Tin gains popularity and more people get into it, we have to preserve what little is left. Rust and time have already taken it’s toll on thin Japanese metal. I guess I’m just afraid that the Fatlace Kenmeri would end up getting parted out, sold off or worst of all… broken and rusting away because the new owner was unable to repair it due to lack of funds or know how.

I’ve made a couple of great friends from Fatlace so I’m in no way dogging on them or saying this is gonna fail. Nor am I saying that I’m a better car builder than anybody. I honestly suck at technical stuff as my buddies can attest to… I purposely chose the 510 and 240z because not only are they some of my favorite cars, they have some of the largest support groups of all Japanese cars from that era. I truly hope that the new owner can carry the torch and take it to the next level after Fatlace has done their thing. I just hope it goes to a true enthusiast so that this Kenmeri can have a fighting chance.


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My opinion on this, I would not worry too much. General public has no idea how to handle an old car, these giveaways happen all the time, generally the winner is excited, drives it until he/she breaks down, remembers its a 40 year old car worth more to them as cash and sells it off to a true enthusiast. I am pretty sure that this car wont sit in some douchers back yard rusting away, when they are done with it, they will realize the value and sell it it.
Maybe this is more of a hope than a truth…. either way, I am entering… and I hope you or I win!

Comment by Brad D.

I hope you’re right… But everybody’s got the story of the guy who refuses to sell his bucket because “One day he’s gonna fix it up”.

Comment by kyushakai

It’s definetly a little scary.

I would kill for that car (not so much the wheels lol) and it makes me a little sad to think about some hipster trying to drift it around a parking lot.

Comment by INZANE240

Drift? Nooooo. 😦

Comment by Mike

id just hate our classic cars to become the nxt hipster trend.

Comment by aidan

Great article. I too hope it goes to someone with heart and desire to motorsports. We’re making the rules so we can only ensure it goto someone with the love.

Comment by mark

That is music to my ears! Much respect for that.

Can’t wait for the 12th!

Comment by kyushakai


Comment by kyushakai

I always wonder what happens to give away cars. I really wish this one all the best.

Comment by DaveT

I guess if the guys make sure that the new owner is a classic Japanese car fan, then that would be the right way. (Like when a radio station makes sure you are a fan of the band before they give away the concert tickets to the winner).
To the winner…this is not a car to “thrash” about in.

Comment by Nigel

I agree with you to an extent.
I do think giving away this car is bad for the car.
But as far as Fatlace business decisions go, this one is sheer marketing genius.

They are going to get so much blog/Forum hype over this that if there is anyone who doesn’t know who Fatlace is, they sure as shit will now. And even more so from an international perspective.

If some kid who can’t handle the car gets it, hes one major carburetor issue away from selling it.

Comment by xonix_digital

WOW, you may have apoint here..hope it goes to a real J-TIN afficionado, and to someone who really takes cares of it, drives and/or doesnt part with it..

Comment by Freddy

I have to agree with you 100%. Someone told me the moment Fatlace got their hands on a vintage skyline they were going to destroy a legend. In the back of my mind I was hoping that statement would never come true but seeing that flyer just confirms he was so right. Get ready for some kid to own a very expensive & legendary machine that a true J-tin owner would kill to have. This give away is wrong in so many ways.

I really hope I’m wrong.

Comment by Thomas

I think you chaps are over-reacting a little. Thinking Fatlace has even any semblance of power to destroy the Skyline legend is a bit hilarious. In Japan, the Kenmeri spent a long time being associated with the bosozoku crowd, so ‘regular’ Japanese often associated it with a negative stereotype. If you’re going to start blaming people for putting the Kenmeri in the spot-light, you’ll have to go a bit further back than Fatlace, Polyphony Digital put the C110 GT-R into Gran Turismo, that action alone would have opened up such a larger audience to Skylines (other than the 32+ and C10 that most people are aware of).

Think of it as a positive. Imagine some dude who doesn’t care much for Skylines, they aren’t modern enough, covered in enough illest, fatlace, stanceworks stickers for his liking but he/she wins none the less. The ownership of the car then sparks an enthusiasm for classic cars and they realise there’s more to cars than wearing tight pants, coloured framed glasses and smurf hats.

Personally, I think it’s the most awesome give-away on the history of the planet, I might be a bit biased though give I own one already and prefer the C110 to most of the Skyline range. I don’t agree with the wheels they plan to use, I hate the bland nature of the TE37V. Smooth, plain spokes. Very 90’s. They don’t sit right on a 70’s car at all I don’t care how much staggered dish you add to it’s holdings.

Comment by kyteler

I would drift it right into a curb.


Comment by Yuta

Man, I have been following your blog for ages, (Props on the Wagon by the way) and you nailed my Exact thoughts when I saw this pop up on speedhunters one afternoon, I used to Live in Australia (now a Norcal resident) and I saw a Kenmeri here and there (Datsun K down under) they are scarce as back there and most of the examples I saw were trashed to begin with, I try not to think what could happen to this one, but I like to hope that Fatlace have the wearwithal not to hand it over to someone that would allow ruin to come to what they spent almost a year (by the time it’s done) to create, either way I will be damn sure to be at the Fatlace Klassik this October to make sure the chances of this C110 landing in caring hands are 1 man better.

Comment by ReisZ

They chose a good angle for that car, from some a C110 can look pretty crude. While I’m with people that it would be a bummer if (and probably when) a hipster kid gets lucky, I’m happy that they are giving “our” cars some love. At least they aren’t giving away a hakosuka, then I would kill someone: the “winner”.

Comment by Dominic

So if a 18 year old kid gets the car its going to get trashed? .. hmm.. im 20, all my cars I had, never sow dust on them, always took care of them, shows, meets for my cars every weekend. But recently i got in to some crazy shit, lost prety much everything. Sold my cars sold my place. Looking at these comments makes me think u all are just hating, why does it matter how old the person is? I had a guy come up to me on a 350z saying he got it because of the good reviews……. he didn’t know what engine it is im not even sure he knew if it was rwd or fwd lol or what that ment. Just my 2 cents. i hope this car goes to someone that has great respect for these great legends, despite the age of the person. Good Luck to everyone who wants it!

Comment by Marion

In my opinion, as long as the owner has the means to enjoy and upkeep the car then I don’t care how old he/she is. I would just hate to see something so beautiful end up getting thrashed and destroyed.

Your last two sentences sums up everything I feel, wholeheartedly. I used a tween as an example, simply because I was there. I had an MR2 with all kinds of plans for it and it turned out, I didn’t have the money or the slightest clue on how to work on it.

Comment by kyushakai

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