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January 25, 2011, 10:20 am
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Flares, SSR MKII’s and triple Webers. A definite win in my book.

Datsun badge has me wondering if it’s an Aus spec Datsun 240k or a Skyline with the wrong badging. Seems kind of strange for someone to import Aus spec vs. JDM spec. But then again it would be strange to put a Datsun badge on a Skyline imported from Japan.


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It could say Honda on the ass for all I care, it’s hot! I hoped this was a post about how perfect that Nardi looked installed or how perfect the wheels fit.

Comment by Mike

Haha, thanks Mike for the comment. I’m still waiting on more parts (AND MONEY!) before I start installing stuff.

Comment by kyushakai

It’s an Export-spec Datsun 240K GL/GT with some replica GT-R bits, such as the flares and grille. It still has the non GT-R rear lamp surrounds and a hideous modern “GT-R” rear badge.

Interestingly though. Just as those outside of the Japanese market love Japanese bits, those inside the Japanese market, love export bits. You’ll often find “Datsun” badges and parts specific for the export market, for sale on YAJ for moonbeams more than the Japanese market equivalent items.

The car does look good though, but perfection might be a little strong of a description. 😛

Comment by kyteler

I kinda figured it was a 240k. I just think it’s weird that someone would go through the trouble to import an export version to California over one from the Japanese market. Are the prices of the 240k cheaper in a place like Australia over one from Japan?

It’s funny you bring up the Japanese loving imported stuff. I was joking with my friend that when he moves to Japan, we should start selling Rotas and Sportmaxxes over there.

Comment by kyushakai

Yeah, you’ll get a C110 cheaper out of Australia than you ever could out of Japan.

Comment by kyteler

*sploooog* 🙂 god i love kenmeri’s

Comment by private runners

please please if this car for sale email me soon im serious buyer . ilove it

Comment by khamis alzaabi

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