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Whistle While You Work
January 21, 2011, 4:58 am
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Meisters look mad on ANYTHING. If I had an S chassis (which I probably would have gotten if I didn’t get into my Dattos) or my old MR2, they’d definitely be sitting on Meisters. This facelifted “Iron Mask” DR30 is no different.

Speaking of Works… Look what’s been packed up and is on the way over the ocean for me!

Vintage Equip 02’s in 14×8 -14! I originally wanted some SSR Starsharks, but these came up on Club4ag. I rarely ever see 02’s on anything and the price of them kept getting lower. I made an offer and now they’re mine! OG and JDM, perfect for me!


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I can’t get over how much these look like the Hoshino Impul rims. Nice score. I hope to have my 510 in my garage this April.

Comment by Drive510

Saw these up for sale on club4ag too, the one on that Miata right??

Comment by Freddy

A little history – Originally called Work Negative when released back in the 80’s. Then in 2000 became Work Equip 02. Looks like you got some sweet original Negatives!

Comment by Jin

Score!! Nice choice, can’t wait to see them mounted up.

Comment by Eric


will send the 4th matching shorter center cap when i found more of them 😉


Comment by retrowheels

Thanks Leo! I’m gonna rep the hell out of you! Haha, I’ve already been talking you up on Ratsun where I spend most of my time.

Comment by kyushakai

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