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She Purrrrrrssss…
January 13, 2011, 1:30 am
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Like a kitten now. When I picked her up, she would barely stay alive and the Weber 32/36 (I believe that’s what model it is… That’s the manuals we’ve been following anyway) would rattle everything enough to wake the dead. Installing a tachometer confirmed she was idling at under 400 rpms! After we raised the idle and played with the carbs a bit, she fires up without hesitation and and has a robust purr at standstill. I almost don’t want to throw in an SR20. Almost.

For now, I’m rubbing, scrubbing, cutting, buffing and polishing the tired old paint and tidying up the wires (I need a wiring diagram ASAP so I can eliminate the stray wires that aren’t plugged into anything). As much as I like the Hella foglights, I’m thinking of pulling them out for now so I can get rid of the wiring until I can figure stuff out.

I’ll probably polish the valve cover when I’m not lazy, as it will probably be a while before I pull the motor. I just wish I grabbed a shot of the engine bay before I started degreasing for a real “wow” factor.

Someday, I want to be as cool as Jun, who is without a doubt, the builder of my favorite 510 of all time.

I can’t wait for the doorbell to start ringing as the postman starts bringing me the parts I’ve been ordering!


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PM me your addy and email. If I can’t email you a wiring diagram I’ll send it.

Comment by Mike

I live in Vancouver Wa and remember seeing this Wagon in Craigslist….small world huh?looks good though.

Comment by beto

Haha, yeah I bought it from someone off of Ratsun who lives in Seaside, OR. I want to go up there to check out the Datsun scene and Canby soon.

Comment by kyushakai

Def come out to Canby! Fly out with a tent and stay the weekend. I think we’re going to try to go karting this year. There’s a sick track in Canby.

Comment by Mike

Nice goon, looks real good.
Sound’s like you got a well kept one.

Comment by Nigel

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