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The Wagon Has Landed
January 8, 2011, 12:50 am
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The good: Rebuilt head. Clean title. Very little rust. Complete car with very little pieces missing. She wears some sweet Hella headlights. Idle needs to be raised but the motor runs strong.

The bad: Weatherstripping is shot. The 5 speed dogleg transmission grinds a lot if I’m not gentle and there’s a lot of play in the shifter. Needs bodywork.

I went over to Brice’s garage with the boys yesterday with the idea of changing all the fluids in the Goon. Turns out the nearest autoparts store doesn’t like stocking parts for a 40 year old car for some reason. No fuel filter, no oil filter, no GL4 gear fluid. Luckily I had a spare oil filter from the parts bin that I got with the Z. Fresh oil and we installed Brice’s old tach. Better than nothing I guess?

Also, I got to try on Brice’s Basset wheels (14×8 -12). Fitment pretty damn good in the rear. I didn’t even bother trying on the fronts since the 280zx front struts I’m planning on installing changes where the hub sits. Also, just for fun we tried on some slotted mags… 13×8 -50ish. Hahaha!

On a side note, the wagon came over the ocean wearing some Garage Autohero stickers so I emailed Ray over at Autohero (who builds BADASS cars, by the way). Turns out he did a lot of tinkering on the car. He informed me that she’s seen better days, but he confirmed that it does have a freshly rebuilt head. Sweet!

The Basset’s. Not bad! Slammed and a small roll would make it look killer!

The slotted mags. Yeah… that’s not gonna fit.

And obviously this is where Reese’s photography magic kicks in.

To top it off, our buddy Jordan got his 1jz Cressida running smoothly and that thing is SAVAGE. He played chauffeur for us all day.

On order: Brass shifter bushings, a full weatherseal kit, and custom 2″ drop blocks for the rear with 2 degrees of correction for the drop.

Next paycheck: Techno Toy Tuning’s front coilover conversion, RCA’s, tension rods and a full poly suspension bushing kit.


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Awesome, awesome! Can’t wait to see that baby once you get all your goodies. You could use the mags as your personal sh!t can – or at least you hinted at that in the first pic. 🙂

Comment by Jin

Dude that thing looks sick!!! So what’s the deal with the Z then?? Is it gone gone gone?

Comment by the6thdragon

No way! The only way I’d sell the Z is if someone offers me enough to buy a Hako.

Comment by kyushakai

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