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January 1, 2011, 4:24 am
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Happy New Years, everyone from around the world! I can feel it in my blood that this is gonna be an awesome year!

December ended with a bit of a problem… I went to our local shipping company to pick up a little present to myself on the 30th, but apparently, they decided to celebrate New Years Eve on the 30th. Now I can’t pick up my present until the 2nd of January. I was keeping this a secret until I actually had it in my ownership, but here’s the pics from the build thread:

Yes, that is a 510 wagon in 4 different shades of orange and a red door. And yes, IT IS MINE! It was shipped in from Seaside, Oregon and I’m picking her up on Monday! Big plans are in store for this car and you guys are gonna see it all first as it’s happening!

Why did I choose this car? It’s 99% rust free, it was the previous owner’s daily, it’s gonna make a killer fishing car/cruiser that can fit my buddies in style in and it was CHEAP (well, not so much after shipping). I’ve already bought some new tie rods and a dual cam KA that I might swap in. From my Z that I mayyyyy put in are my SSR Longchamps (15×7 +11) and black cloth Recaros.

Basically, I was looking for something that’s a more fun to drive and looks way radder as a daily than my POS ’00 Corolla.

Short term plans:
*280zx front struts with Techno Toy Tuning coilovers and camber plates
*2 inch drop blocks in the rear
*Urethane bushings everywhere
*280zx disc brakes at all 4 corners
*Mooneyes California metalflake steering wheel with quick release (although a wooden Nardi is still a big possibility)
*Vintage SSR’s with diiiiiiiiish
*Wink mirror (cuz they’re rad!)
*A nod to Anth’s Australian style with some Venetian blinds

Long term goals:
*SR swap
*Air suspension (Still up in the air. If I have to lose the rear seats, then no.)
*Full repaint of the stock orange
*Reupholster the interior with a stock look

Oh yeah, be on the look out for the Kyusha Kai New Years Meet and the 510’s Wheel Fitting Party! So far, I’ve got a bunch of different wheels from friends to try on from myself as well as buddies… 16×7 +20, 15×7+11, 15×8 0, 14×8 -12 and 14×8 -40something. I honestly think the 15×8 0 offsets are gonna be pushing the limits of the metal from what I’ve been reading… Especially if I end up throwing on 280zx front struts.


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Sick find!

You could probably do an air over leaf setup without losing a lot of cargo space but the axle wrap could be an issue depending on power.

Here’s a bagged one I found via google that looks like it’s on air over leaf:

No pics of the setup sadly. If you went 4 link you would lose space for sure.

Either way lots of pics please 🙂

Comment by DaveT


is that the one that Enoezam had?

Comment by Isidro

Negative, Enoezam decided to keep his wagon.

Comment by kyushakai

Woohoo! It’s nice to see it’s on the blog, that makes it official. Too bad about the shipping company. It looks like you’ve already started having fun collecting parts and getting ideas. I know you like the rat look but orange 510s are sick!

Comment by Mike

Cool shit Lance, congrats..cant wait for more!!

Comment by Freddy

Sweet ‘ten! I’m guessing it’ll be nothing short of awesome when you’re done with it!

Comment by Torby

woo yeah!

Comment by HENRY!

Yeah sorry I backed out. I just love my wagon, you’ll understand once your driving yours around pullin females left & right lol. Glad to see you got one, and it’s orange.

Comment by Enoezam

15×8 are gonna be hard to do. It’ll take some fender rollin,pullin,tuggin, and general abuse.

Comment by Enoezam

You got a KA waiting already? Right on heh heh. That’s a motor I was contemplating if I ever did upgrade from my L motor. Cool, can’t wait to hear more about your wagon.

Comment by kika510

So jealous!! That would make a perfect shop car, I’m sick of stuffing the Starlet full of crap. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

p.s. Thanks for the stickers man, you’ll be seeing more of them soon.

Comment by Eric

I vote L motor on side drafts…. but hey, I am a traditionalist!

Congrats on the purchase, looking forward to watching it develop!

Comment by Brad D.

I’m thinking about it! The L16 that’s in the car now runs well and the head was recently rebuilt…

Comment by kyushakai

congrats on the purchase fellow 510 owner! and thanks for the shoutout. I’m sure you’ve seen Juns wagon on ratsun? and the Greengoon? probably two of my favourite wagons. Can’t wait to see the progress on your goon.

Comment by anth

Oh yeah! Jun and Just Joel are my two favs! Progress is gonna be slow and steady…

Comment by kyushakai

I spy a garage autohero sticker on the rear window which is a local shop here in washington, Ray the owner of garage autohero is a great guy and serious about his datsuns!

Comment by Tommy Samuel

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