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4 Doors and 28ish Years Ago
December 9, 2010, 10:38 pm
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If Abe Lincoln had a fetish for super futuristic cars from Japan, he’d be rockin’ this bad boy.

The taxi cab hue with the yellow brick foglights are a great combination!


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I had a silver one stock wheels on the front,
14 inch no names on the back.
It only cost me $150…

I think it was a an 81′.(A much missed car.)

Comment by Nigel

hi long time reader first time comenter
i was just wondering what wheels he was juning in the first pic?
i love the blog and its real giving me ideas for my own project keep up the good work

Comment by go kart tyer fitment ollie

I’m thinking TRD Toscos but they look a little different. Maybe someone else can chime in?

Comment by kyushakai

First wheels are ATS Classics. Classic german wheels that are still made today.

Comment by Brad D.

Lenzo’s maybe ? Usually see them in gold.

Comment by Nigel

thanks guys

Comment by go kart tyer fitment ollie

They are ATS classic wheels.

Comment by bkh808

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