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Legen… Wait for it… Dary!
December 6, 2010, 11:53 am
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Caught this video posted up on MotoIQ.

This is the stuff of legends. Beautiful film, and kudos to the great staff at MotoIQ for bringing it to my attention.

I love MotoIQ so much. Three of my favorite car dudes… Dave Coleman (my personal hero), Mike Kojima and Eric Hsu, along with an amazing group of other enthusiasts, dropping knowledge on the import world in a tech savvy way and most importantly… uncensored.

Two big reasons why I don’t buy many magazines anymore is because of the ass-kissing to crap companies who are paying for ad space and the diminishing tech articles. I mean, has anyone seen an early copy of the Project Car magazine? Installation tech articles of shift knobs and Broadview mirrors? If you need a magazine to show you how to do that, you shouldn’t be allowed near a wrench.

Anyway, I’m not sure how this came to my disdain of the magazine industry, so watch the video a few times then sit in your car and make some noise!


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A work of greatness !!

Comment by Nigel

Holy shit that was awesome! Wonder what year it was made…Cool editing and great quotes from the greatest drivers of all time.

Comment by Freddy

amazing video dude

Comment by HENRY!

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