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Wheels From SEMA
November 7, 2010, 12:51 am
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The good. Enkei re-releasing the cult classic 92’s. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t do this ages ago. They definitely look better than their new “retro” J-Speeds.

The bad. OMG HOW ARE HAYASHI STREETZZ BAD!?! Nope, it’s another classic and authentic design from Rota. Rota is the designer for all good wheels. Didn’t you know that the Volk TE37 is actually a rip off of Rota Grids?

I need to go for a drive. She’s been sleeping for too long.


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aw dude what the fuck

Comment by HENRY!

hahaha, your hayashi’s are worthless now! i’ll give you 20 bucks for um.

Comment by kyushakai

These new reproductions will upset the hardcore wheel lovers around the world. No longer will they be “period-correct” wheels huh? I hope SSR doesn’t reproduce the Formula Meshes or I’m f’d up the ass. Which would you rather have though, Hayashi or Rota?

Comment by Jin

i agree with you that even though they aren’t “period correct” (and i probably wouldn’t buy reproduced wheels anyway), what makes me happy is our tiny segment of the industry is getting a little more recognition from other than a guy named bob making fiberglass flares out of his room.

i’d love to see reproduced nissan motorsport performance parts or vintage HKS pieces being rereleased.

Comment by kyushakai

At least Enkei is making their Enkei 92 and not some other company. If only they were a bit deeeeeeper! BTW, the fiberglass flare comment was LOL. I got S30 frp flares just waiting in my room for you! (for sale posted up of FH). peace.

Comment by Jin

Damn it. Fuck you Rota you soulless excuse for a company. People who buy those things need to check themselves

Comment by Christopher

Why do you even care? Some people don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on wheels because of a brand name. The re-pops don’t effect you if you want real ones, but they allow someone with more brains then money to buy something they enjoy the period-correct looks of on a budget.

Don’t buy Rota’s if you don’t like them, because no one cares if you spent 6x the price on the real thing. Sorry, really enjoy your blog, but this elitist wheel bullshit is the stupidest part of this scene.

Comment by Tekniq

why do i care? personally, i want to build the best car possible. in most of the cars that i post up, i’ll point out what i like and how i would have built it differently. i look at every car and every product that i put on here as if it were my own, to help me on my future builds.

i really do appreciate you coming here and thank you for that. this blog is a personal blog so i can rant on things i hate and gush over what i love. if you knew me in person i’m a really straight to the point and abrasive guy… and my blog is a direct extension of my personality.

Comment by kyushakai

Thats such a shame. How is this not the same as stealing???


Comment by xonix_digital

if ppl start mistaking my streets for rotas…

Comment by Aids

it also happened to my regamasters – ppl thinking theyre rotas =/

Comment by Aids

Small wide wheels always are a bit more and that is what gives us satisfaction when we put them on our cars. If someone puts a set of Rota Hayashi clones on a new Chevy Cruze or 16 inch BBS’s on an RX3, we all know the reason it won’t work. Just like that 620 with the new Nissan front end from a few weeks ago.
We just want a car that looks right.

Comment by Nigel

Wtf Rota is at it again.

Comment by Enoezam

Thank God, none of the fake me out companies like Rota, Konig, Sportmax/XXR didn’t clone cheap versions of my 2 sets of old school JDM goodness… SSR EX-C Fins and Enkei Apache Vs mesh. At least I can say they’re 100% exclusives. lol

Although, I don’t knock another car lover for buying the imitations. As long as your car looks right with them… it’s cool with me.

Some of these so called JDM online stores like to gouge people on the price of their rims, because of the Fast & Furious(sad to say, yes, they did have an influence on the market) and the sport of drifting… prices of old school rims is unreal.

Comment by Sarcasmo

I forgot to mention, Axis, in that list of knockoff rim companies. Sorry ass mofos. LOL

Comment by Sarcasmo

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