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November 3, 2010, 2:53 am
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Cressida rivaling badass-ery from the Nissan camp, also known as the C32 Laurel. I’ll take mine in an RB-flavoring.

Because we never got them here in the States, I’m not familiar with them. Maybe one of the overseas readers can answer this question… WTF is up with the back passenger window? Are replacement window parts hard to find? Or is it the angle of the pictures messing with my brain?


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yeap its pillarless theres a few nissans including hr31 skylines c31 c32 c33 laurels y31 gloria cedrics etc…

Comment by Eric

There were two distinct versions of the C32 Laurel available around the world. Europe and other markets where Nissan was still considered a niche manufacturer got Laurels in typical saloon body style (with B pillars) with a live rear axle and L, LD and VG series engines, all normally aspirated. Japan and Middle East on the other hand got lavishly equipped four-door hardtops (with frameless window glass and no B pillars), offered with Ls, LDs, turbo and NA VGs and RBs.

It’s a cool car, but it’s a bit too boxy for my taste. I’d rather have a brown or purple JZX81 Mark II with a 1JZ in it. 🙂

Comment by Tony240Z

good to know! thanks tony!

Comment by kyushakai

Regarding the windows Freddy, it’s normal. Look at the door/rear fender, if the window were to roll straight down, the glass would be sitting inside the fender. Hence, the raked “down” position.

Comment by LäWhy?

thanks for the info guys! ya’ll are awesome!

oh and it’s lance btw.

Comment by kyushakai

Haha, Freddy. Blog confusion going on here!

Comment by Brad D.

My bad dude, I was mixing you guys up as I was writing the response. Shame on me, being a fellow S30Z owner, I should’ve known better!

Comment by LäWhy?

Yep, really like C130, C32 and the C33 !!
I think a 4dr C130 would be very nice.

Comment by Nigel


Comment by R32Taka

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