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November 3, 2010, 11:26 am
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Check out this build/blog I’ve been following. It’s awesome.
Read it from the very beginning. You’ll love it. There are absolutely no short cuts or expenses spared in this resto-mod. The best part? Most of it takes place in a home garage. The best kind of builds.

What really kicked it up a notch for yours truly is when these pictures were posted:

If that engine bay shave/tuck isn’t enough to convince you that this will be one of the best Z’s when completed, then I say good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY. Hah. That 70’s show is still awesome.


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Seeing projects like this one seriously makes me want to start over with my 240 and then kill myself for not doing it properly.

Comment by Tony240Z

BTW Lance, before you post more stuff like this, can you PLEASE add a “Picture Porn!” caption before the title? This way I won’t become depressed when I realize the difference between this and my 240Z…

Sorry for double post.

Comment by Tony240Z

At least you guys have the real thing the 240ZG I built is in 1/24 !!

Comment by Nigel

Thanks for this link, I love car build blogs.

Comment by Miso

Thanks for the compliments mang!

I’ll be honest and say I started reading your blog back in November of 09. Your posts are what got me motivated to pull the Z out of storage and start working on it. So thanks for that too!

Comment by inzane240

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