Kyusha Kai

September 10, 2010, 7:45 pm
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Enjoy these super grainy pictures of a work-in-progress beast from R Factory (I think… I can’t find any info on them).

Squint your eyes and look close. See what’s in the engine bay? Yup. It’s the extremely rare and extremely expensive S20 engine. For those uninitiated to the old school Nissan realm, the S20 is the quad valved, triple carb’ed and dual cam’ed heart that powered the Z432 (hence the name) and the Hakosuka Skyline GT-R. Nowadays an S20 powered GT-R or Z432 (genuine and in good condition) can push upwards of $200,000. If you’re able to locate an S20 to shoehorn into your own project, be prepared to spend at least $15,000 to acquire it.

Mix and match Panasports look great. Not sure what’s goin’ on with the exhaust in this picture…

Catching some rays while wearing the full set of Panasport G7’s. The off-white color looks awesome! Can’t wait to see some pictures while it has all it’s bumpers and trim back on!


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so damn nice
if i ever get rich im buying/building one of those cars with an S20… just because I’d be able to lol

Comment by Isidro

The shape of the 240 still gives me goosebumps every time I see one. Then add in the S20 and the word awestruck comes to mind.

Comment by Nigel


Comment by SrFairladyZ

Man that guy has mounted the flairs way too high on the body it looks weird. The car is super low but the flairs take away from it.

Comment by d3c0y z3d

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