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Old School Kyusha Wins Honolulu’s SpoCom!
September 2, 2010, 2:58 am
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Congrats to Lance Harano for winning not only Best Toyota and Best Old School, but also Best of Show! SpoCom here in Honolulu was the biggest event for us this year so far (I heard from a little birdie that there’s a show in December…) and this JDM ’73 Sprinter absolutely KILLED it.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the rest of the show. Some people said it was a VIP fest (Hawaii is on top of the game when it comes to VIP), some said it was our best show yet, while others said it sucked. A lot of people are complaining that it’s the same cars every show, but what can you expect? We’re on an island consisting of just under 600 square miles. I say, if you’re going to complain, either 1) Stop going to the shows. Or 2) BUILD A CAR.

One positive that I see is that on the same day as the show, there was an open house for the future Kalaeloa Raceway Park. Oahu has been without a racetrack since 2006 so I see this as a gateway not only for people who want to race their cars, but also build more performance oriented rides. I’m personally getting tired of going to shows with 70% of the entrants being VIP cars. Let’s see some turbos, functional aero and wide grippy slicks.

Oh and as far as my Z at Spocom? I got screwed by my coworker who got a urinary tract infection, so I paid my registration fees but ended up having to work on the day of roll in AND the show.

Giving credit where credit is due…
SPhotography for the first shot. If I remember correctly (sorry Sean, I have the memory of a fish), Sean just got into photography a few months ago and drives a DUMPED LS400.

Helluva Rides who just earlier this year, started storming Hawaii’s car scene hosting a gathering every couple of months and bringing together all makes, models and years. Mahalo Helluva Rides! We need more people who want to show the world what Hawaii has and bring our game up to the next level! Make sure to check out their site for more pictures and a feature of the Sprinter, as well as more coverage from SpoCom Honolulu.


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Dope Sprinter.

Love to see the Old ladies win it.

Comment by xonix_digital

woooo, sick ass corolla.

whats with people named Lance with cool orange cars?

LOL at UTI, tell that person to cover you for JCCS, they owe you!

Comment by Yuta

i like the color, i like the rims, im just not feeling the mexi poke but still a real nice car

Comment by Rod

Dayuumm!! Those Hayashi’s are nuts! Almost a little too much poke for my taste but nasty nonetheless. Sucks you couldn’t make it… I don’t think we’re going to make JCCS though if it makes you feel any better 😦

Comment by Eric@JDM Legends

haha i’m not feeling the poke or the bride seats (some OG recaro’s or TRD buckets would be money), but i figured you guys are sick of hearing about how i’d build somebody else’s car. regardless, i’m happy and proud us kyusha guys have been killing the scene lately!

Comment by kyushakai

Ya I would have the Hayashi’s tucked. (Too expensive if they were curbed.)

Comment by Nigel

I wish they could open the re-open Kapolei racetrack. That was a chill spot to hang back then. Sucks that you can’t make it to JCCS. Surprise us all man and fly out!

Comment by Drive510

Entirely unrelated, but are you ever going to put those stickers up for sale?

Comment by Sean

LOL, yeah i’ve been slacking on that. been working too much. don’t worry though, i’ll get on it!

Comment by kyushakai

The front camber is my fave part.

Comment by enoezam

[…] finally got to check out Lance Harano’s Sprinter up close. This thing is […]

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