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Skyline Overload
August 17, 2010, 9:38 pm
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Found these pictures of a Skyline Festival on some JDM website.

Pure porn from RS Start. Slicks, racing jacket and Time Attack’ed TE37V’s. I’m kind of over the whole Time Attack scheme though. It was cool when Yamaha did it on their Raven R6 and still dope when Volk did it on their TE37/CE37, but when all the knock off companies started doing it took all the fun out of it. Pretty cool to see it on the V’s though. Sets it apart from all the bronze and gunmetal TE37V’s out there already.

Blacked out Hako on Watanabe’s, rocking only one racing jacket. Just enough to stay legal I guess? Hahaha!

Hayashi Streets!

Can’t go wrong with a full race replica on a street car!

My favorite from the festival. I’m a cruiser, so I have a strange love for wagons. Is the front apron still called a Spook or is it only called that in regards to 510’s?


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I dig the black one. Sleep with one eye open.

Comment by xonix_digital

love the last one!!

Comment by Isidro

That’s a pretty good R31 replica, it even has center lock wheels. And that wagon is dope!! I think those only came with the short nose and the 4 cylinder but I’d still rock one all day long!

Comment by Eric@JDM Legends

yeah that’s what i’ve heard, 4 cyl short nose. honestly, i think i’d rather take a shortnose wagon over a a coupe with an L28.

blahhhhhh i need to win the lottery.

Comment by kyushakai

The wagon is gorgeous! We call them ‘spooks’ over here (NZ), regardless of whether it’s on a 1600 (510) or not…

Comment by Rishy

diggin that black hako and the dr30(?) on hayashis . so sick!

Comment by Aids

That black Hako is sick as hell.

Comment by enoezam

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