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August 12, 2010, 12:22 am
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Microfiber cloths are fun!

What my car aspires to be…

I’ve got a Taylor battery relocation kit and some project kics spacers in the mail. For the future, I’ll be looking into a Koyo radiator and painting my ‘Champs to look like XR-4 Black Limiteds à la:

Thanks to the new Volume 4 of Japanese Nostalgic Car for bringing that particular Skyline back to my attention! EVERYBODY better be subscribed to it by now. Ben, Dan, Kev and the rest of the gang have put together one of the greatest magazines to be sold lately, so SUPPORT THEM!

I’d LOOOOOOOVE an engine with Tomei internals, but I have no idea where to find their L28 parts. Anyone have insight to this? If not, Kameari Engine Works will do!


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whats the sizing on your longchamps?

looking very swish

Comment by Aids

15×7.5 -8 front and 15×8 -14. looking for a wider pair so i can run the 8’s in the front and sell the 7.5’s, but the only ones i see for sale are $1000+ for a pair.

Comment by Kyusha Kai

If you put in your car, then go to the tomei link, they have cams, oil pumps, valve springs, and other stuff from tomei for the 240z. Hope that helps!

Comment by Yoshi W

ah, jus noticed l28, not l24 hmm sorry bout that.. good luck with the search!

Comment by Yoshi W

hey thanks a lot! much of the parts also have listing for the 2.8 too! i just wonder what i’m looking at as far as waiting for shipping… i bet most of it’s out of stock and back ordered for years…

Comment by kyushakai

[…] Inspired by this post: […]

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*Every* time I check this blog, I immediately go on craigslist and start looking for S30’s.

Comment by Chris

Did you see the non-running S30 on Hawaii Craiglist at some dealership? So tempting!

Comment by Jin

the blue one with the triple webers??? for like a grand right? oooohhhh man if i had a spare stall, that would be the perfect RB candidate!

Comment by Kyusha Kai

yah, I know what you mean. Need more parking space! Got the fender flares but no car! lol

Comment by Jin

Aw. The car is not on CL anymore. I wonder if someone bought it?

Comment by Jin

if it was sold, i’m surprised it took that long for it to happen. started at like 3 grand and dropped to 900 or so. that thing looked sick!

there’s a 240z in hawaii kai on 4 flat tires sitting in someone’s garage. all original down to the hubcaps. droolworthy.

Comment by kyushakai

I just love your S30!!!

Comment by monkeymagic86

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