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July 30, 2010, 12:38 am
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My sister’s boyfriend just came back from Japan and had him pick me up some stuff!  A box of green tea Kit Kats and a boatload of magazines.  The Option came with a sweet towel that’s absolutely useless, since it’s 6 inches wide and nearly 3 feet long.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get the right mags.  Haha.  It’s mostly about the new 370z, but it does have some nice pictures of S30’s. He’s going back next week so I’m gonna make him get me some Nostalgic Hero’s and G Works to send back.

Postman delivered some stickers today!  Some redesigned “Fist Pump” stickers (Freddy came up with that name) and new rusty bumper stickers. Designed by my personal slave/photographer Reese.
I’ll take some better pictures and offer them up for sale soon!


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Glad you like the name..haha..your lucky for even getting those the stickers BTW!

Comment by Freddy

Those kit-kats are so freaking good……

Comment by daviidsjdmx

I want one of my chrome bumper!

Comment by bkh808

It’s a sweat towel, chief! Believe me, it makes a lot of sense when you’re sweating your ass off in 97% Humidity on a train with no A/C. That and hand-fans… they both start to make more sense once you’re in Japan.

I do concur that magazines are the most important purchase request to anyone coming out of Japan. I filled an entire check-in bag on my way back with 37 lbs of Magazines after a 2 month stay!

Comment by Tekniq

those stickers look great. definately will have to cop some

Comment by Aids

sticker swap!

Comment by Yuta

Damn mail me all your stuff.

Comment by enoezam

Stickers look good, that phrase is awesome!!!

Comment by Brad D.

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