Kyusha Kai

Jay Z
July 10, 2010, 3:20 am
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Kind of old news if you follow my boy Brice’s blog, but here’s some shots of us yanking a 1JZ from a MK3 Supra.  As you may know, our buddy Jordan has a MK3 Supra (1JZ) and a MX73 Cressida (7MGE).  We yanked both motors with the intention of swapping them and selling the Supra so Jordan has a beast of a Cress to take with him when he moves to Arizona.

Take note…  It’s daylight out.  An early start for us is about 4pm.

Much (much) later, engine and trans are out.  It’s amazing how small parts look in pictures.  Right up until you’re trying to maneuver the 20 tons of dead weight and not drop it on the car.

Super sketchy fitting Ebay downpipe.  We had to “re-engineer” it.  Hahaha.  Hello grinder!

Mmmm…  Snails.  I want (at least one) turbo in my car!


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