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July 7, 2010, 7:52 am
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Take your New Beetles, Mini Coopers, the new Camaros, hell even the 370z and shove it. Tapping into the nostalgic memories of the cars from yesteryear as a design slate for current cars has been the biggest craze for the last decade.

Enter, the Toyota Century. First introduced to the market in 1967, the Century was the ride of choice for Japan’s elite.  What makes this car so awesome is that for 30 years, the Century was nearly untouched!  All it received was minor updates to the interior, technological change and upgrades to the V8 to make the ride more pleasant.

In 1997, the Toyota Century received a nearly complete redesign.  Toyota chucked the V8 out for a V12, as well as enough creature comforts and technologies to rival any offerings from Bentley, Rolls Royce or Maybach.

Seeing as this is Kyusha Kai and I really don’t care about electronically closing doors or digital TV tuners, you may be wondering why I like the Century so much…  It’s the exterior is what really piques my interest.

That’s right, you’re looking at a current model Century that has had the same body style since 1997!  In a world where manufacturers restyle cars every couple of years (usually tending to make things worst…  I’m looking at you 08-09 STi!), the Century has soldiered on for over 43 years with the most noticeable change being the integration of the chrome bumpers and sidings!  Now just imagine one of these babies laying frame on air on polished 20″ SSR MS1’s.  Automotive erotica.


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such a beautiful car. i never heard of a toyota century until i seen smokey nagata drop a century engine in his supra.

Comment by private runners

i think the sti comment can also be applied to the 350z

Comment by Aids

i was thinking about it today… acura has been consistently destroying their cars with every redesign.

Comment by kyushakai

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