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July 4, 2010, 3:23 am
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Hayashi Sakuras. The unicorn of wheels for many old school heads. All of us would kill at least one of them to hang on our walls or turn into a coffee table, if not a full set to break necks but the price tag stops all but the biggest of ballers.

Well, now thanks to the jerks at Axis Wheels, who must have no pride in what they do, those with the shallowest pockets can now look like an idiot with the new OG line of Sakura rip-offs.

Judging from their “Work Equip 03” and “SSR Reverse Mesh” replicas, these can be had at an MSRP of $200 per wheel. I’m surprised they don’t already have a replica of the R-Type Watanabe wheel.


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Sometimes money causes stupid things to occur.

Comment by Nigel

theyd suit my z quite nicely.

.. the sakuras i mean.

die axis ogay

Comment by Aids

Have they no shame at all? There is another company that make ripoff Sakuras in 18 and 20 inch.

Comment by 86life


The best part about this is that it takes absolutely nothing away from he legitimacy of the OG Sakura

Comment by xonix_digital

how bout HD-INC biting off of SSR’s Star Shark?
i guess theres gotta be nice looking rims for the low-ballers right? :S

Comment by private runners

i dont see the prob? im all about cheap ass rims to use at the track i like em, with that said not for just driven around on! keep it real for all that but just for beat em up rim on your race car i say f it why not 😉

Comment by Jason

These look terrible, but it doesn’t damage the prestige/value of the genuine article, so it’s harmless.

I saw a full set of 15×10 & 15×12 Sakuras on YJA awhile back for like ~$4600 in *perfect* shape, with boxes. Doesn’t see *that* crazy.

Comment by Chris

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