Kyusha Kai

There’s A Prowler…
June 28, 2010, 2:18 am
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…creeping through your neighborhood at night.  Coasting past your house, with the moonlight glinting off the BBS LM’s.


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cant wait for a proper shoot of beast..

Comment by Freddy

I have tons of Z31 love. I’m glad to finally see others do too. I have an 89′ Turbo myself, minus the LM sexness 😦

Comment by SrFairladyZ

Wow, that has got to be the sickest looking Z31 I’ve ever seen!

Comment by Dano

on par with the grip gambler z in my books. best z31s ever

Comment by Aids

It doesn’t take much, just lip, wheels and a drop. The Z31 is a natural. Grip Gambler is in a class of it’s own.

Comment by SrFairladyZ

I wow’d. Lip is excellent.

Comment by Chris

The person who built this Z is Sascha Rauf he’s the club founder of ‘Grand Nostalgic’ and also a close friend of mine, just to add, to get the car low as this it had lots n lots of work done, coilovers were custom made by a company here in England. wheels are BBS LM 17x9j fronts, 17x10j rears, these were bored out to fit the car, spacers were custom made for this car, huge 40mm rears and 35mm fronts.

comparison to the grop gambler is difficult, this car is being built for Time Attack rather than for drifting, both the grip gambler and this are amazing cars!

full build on here

Comment by Adam

thanks for the info adam! your link seems to give me an error code though? or do i have to be registered to view?

Comment by kyushakai

Hi, you do have to register, the build thread of this car are on various forums. here’s another link

this link above is driftworks, only a few pages, but will give an idea on what he did to the car, best to register to the link I posted earlier for a detailed build

at the minute Sascha hasnt been updating his thread but quietly working on the car 🙂

Comment by Adam

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