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June 21, 2010, 12:51 pm
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I’m sure nearly everyone has seen the S13/180sx with a S30z front end conversion by now.  While I was surfing the web I found more automotive abortions.

How about a ZG front end?  LOOK AT THOSE PANEL GAPS!  Ewwwwww.

S chassis truck conversion with a Hako nose?  NATS is an automotive school in Japan and by the looks of it, they’re teaching kids how to build Fast and the Furious extras.

Another Hako conversion, although this time it includes the rear lights and bumper.  This one is a little better executed and has a ton of nice old school cues…  Oil cooler, fender mirrors, tsurikawa off the rear bumper and race paint…

It still should be killed with fire though.


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That Z on works in tht first pic is helllllla sick.

Comment by enoezam

Yikes!! And I thought the Hakosuka/Stagea abomination was bad 😉

Comment by Eric

Comment by bkh808


A real Hako truck would be neat, but it’d be a shame to cut up a decent car.

Comment by Chris

dont forget the suzuki altos with g-nose conversion


Comment by corey

I know where these are from, it’s from zilvia. This post deserved the source dude, that conversion topic is really good for a laugh.

Comment by Ron

Thanks for reminding me, I’ll try and find it and post it up! I saved all the pics and forgot where I found them.

I kept thinking it was JNC for the longest time but I couldn’t find it. LOL!

Comment by kyushakai

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