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A Rock And A Hard Place
June 14, 2010, 12:29 am
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I want a 510 wagon. KA24 powered for RELIABLE daily driver status. I figure a rusted one for a grand plus another couple hundred for the motor and trans. It’d be nice little project to run around town with and learn how to do body work on.

I found this on Maui’s Craigslist.

A ’69, grandma driven Goon with 54,000 miles.  Perfect looking car, although I’d feel horrible for hacking it up for a project.  Plus, the price is high $5500.  I’m looking to spend a grand.  HAHA.

The dilemma is about my Z.  I’ve been thinking of letting her be as is so I could concentrate on a wagon but Brice is talking me into buying a Koyo radiator. So sexy, but so expensive. He’s not really talking me into it, more like “Hey, you should get a Koyo”. If I do that, I’d want to redo the whole engine. Repaint the block and engine bay, tuck wires, shave holes, etc.  I found this for some inspiration.

Those headers are so beautiful.


ALSO, my brother is graduating from a college in Oregon and he’s going to start a business up there.  My sister is going to move up with him and they’re going to buy a house.  If I were to move up there, I’d have a job secured.  I’m contemplating it because all this talk about Canby is making me sad I live on an island.  I’d be closer to NorCal friends and JCCS would be a fun road trip every year.


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I had a similar dilemma. I could either spend most of my money on a fun daily driver and leave the S30Z as it was, or buy myself a POS daily and invest as much as I could in the Datsun. I went for the second option, and I’m now selling my 280ZX daily to get something cheap and reliable (a Corolla perhaps?). I’ve had a fair share of cool old cars (two E28 Bimmers and the S130 mentioned above), but now I’ve given up on commuters which are much older than myself. 😉

Comment by Tony

You should just tell everyone to move own to Los Angeles 🙂

Comment by Reese

do not sell the Z! you’ll regret it dude, plus they’re only going up and up in value

Comment by anth

oh no way am i ever gonna sell the z. i really want to pick up a 510 though. if i get a sedan, you gotta help me out with finding some of those venetian blinds you guys rock in the rear window.

Comment by kyushakai

no problem at all dude, they make them brand new here, just hit me up when you’re ready!

Comment by anth

Move out here. We can start an O.S.(old school) Magic club. Haha or at least play with Datsun’s all year round. It rains alooooooooooooot though.

Comment by enoezam

I lived in Canby for awhile, it’s a nice place to live because its quiet and peaceful and a lot of good people, and you’re not far from where the fun is – Portland, decent car scene too, if you look for it.

Comment by TheNerdler

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