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Doin’ Work
June 8, 2010, 4:18 am
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For some reason I woke up at 7 in the morning on Sunday. Couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to do some work on the Z. Drove over to my dad’s workplace so I could use his tools (instead of my dinky little jack) and proceeded to raise the car to a more drivable height. While I was at it, I swapped my crappy “OH S**T I NEED TIRES FOR HELLAFLUSH THE DAY BEFORE THE SHOW!!!” Nexxen tires for a set of taller and wider Falken Ziex’s that I had sitting on the side. All together about an inch and a half of ride height was gained, so I kicked my mom’s car out of the garage at my parent’s house and opened up a parking space at my apartment (I smell a parking space for a 510 wagon!). ‘Twas pretty interesting trying to get up the driveway without ripping off the front apron…

Next on my agenda for the Z is general maintenance as I’ve been starting to get a pretty nasty valve tap. Researching online about valve jobs, I came across this:

An article from Popular Mechanics, January 1973, with someone asking about doing a valve adjustment on his 240Z. Pretty cool what’s floating around on the internet…

Read the whole magazine


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saw this pic on your your “JDM on/off ramp”..hehe

Comment by Freddy

hmmm what’s under the covers? Another J-tin ride?

Comment by Jin

i wish! it’s my old man’s ’65 mustang fastback. it’s ALMOST as cool as a datsun. hahaha.

Comment by kyushakai

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