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Out With The Old…
April 20, 2010, 2:15 am
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And in with the Ruckus!  Sold the old daily today to a friend of a friend and had them take me straight to the Honda dealership for a Ruckus.  A lot of my friends, the sales and parts guys all thought I was crazy going from a street bike to a scooter, but it’s cheaper on insure, maintain and upkeep.  Until I start modding it.  I’m already looking at new seat frames and handlebar kits (not to mention stretch kits).



I want an 12″ Advan A048 tire stretched over some ridiculously wide rim already!


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Haha! Another black hole for the income, it’s fun as hell man! Can’t wait to see what you do to it, it took a lot in me to stop after a slew of parts to spare some love for the other projects

Comment by HENRY!

NICE! I’ve been eyeballing a similar combat scooter myself. You are making my “Buy it now” finger very itchy.

Comment by xonix_digital

stretch kit, lower seat mount, bmx handle bar and stem, foot bar, pegs, steel gas tank cover, relocated speedo, passjdm tail light, a bunch of paint

that’s it!

I bought all my stuff like 2 years ago though, there is SO MUCH MORE STUFF THESE DAYS! It’s crazy dude! have fun! is the place to be for all info regarding it

Comment by HENRY!

Haha sick bike.

Comment by enoezam

ugh get a real scooter man those things are slow as shit

Comment by yeathatalex

dude. i’m coming off of an ’06 zx6r. if i wanted fast, i woulda stayed with the bike.

Comment by kyushakai

oh man street bike to scooter haha. everyone is getting a ruckus lately. i’d want one if i lived in a big city, but i live in a shithole haha.

Comment by tehluckinator

Cool bike man. Love the Ruckus. Its gonna look sweet with some stretch!
Rad blog too by the way.

Comment by 86life

Have fun with it. I just finished up the first round of mods on mine. I do a 60 mile roundtrip commute on it, when the weather is nice.

Comment by Chris (SixSylinder)

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