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Carbon (Wrapped?) S30Z
April 5, 2010, 2:41 am
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Rocky Auto has been blowing up as of late and for good reason.  NA and turbo’ed RB goodness stashed away into an S30 or Skyline engine bay with a host of modernized chassis and brake parts makes for a fantastic street or track car.  Their latest project, which I’m assuming was built for Nostalgic 2 Day in Yokohama, looks awesome.  The entire exterior has that familiar weave that so many of us go crazy for…  Unfortunately, I can’t read Japanese and Google translations are utterly useless so I don’t know if it’s a wrap or actual CF.

MMM!  Semi slicks!  I want to run slicks or semi slicks on my Z even though it will never see a track.  It just looks so badass!  The bumper, front apron, hood and flares are glossy CF which is readily available from many Z tuners, but all other body parts have the same dull, dry carbon look to it.  Something tells me it’s a wrap, but I hope for the good of pushing old school tuning to the next level it’s all dry carbon.

I wonder what’s in the engine bay?  I think I read somewhere NA RB30…


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it is that 3M wrap stuff. I will bet my dick on it.

Comment by Yuta Akaishi

Your Z is never goin to the track?

Comment by enoezam

probably not. the track on oahu closed down a couple of years ago and the people trying to put a track back together are saying it will probably be decades before we get another one.

we have autocross in a parking lot, but since my Z is so modified, i’d have to race with all the pro racers so i’m kind of shame. haha. we’ll see though, it looks like a blast. i’ve always been a street/touge guy though.

Comment by kyushakai

From what I’ve read and seen it’s got a RB30 block with a RB26 head.

Comment by Phil

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