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Expect A Lack Of Updates From Me
March 13, 2010, 1:49 am
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I’m picking up tons of extra shifts at work for crazy overtime hours… What am I looking to put all this extra money towards?

Hopefully, some nice jewelry for my Z. My brake pads and shoes are getting pretty worn out, so instead of replacing them with stock pieces, I want to go full baller status and upgrade them with some Arizona Z Car Wilwood brakes. 4 piston fronts and 2 piston rears should stop my car nicely.


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Holy shit, whats the lowest size wheels you can run with these?

Comment by bkh808

i have no idea. i hope i can stuff them under my longchamps if i do end up getting them…

Comment by kyushakai

i love your priorities 😀 the Z looks great keep it up

Comment by french

Nice setup!

Comment by Freddy

Damn every idea I get you have too. Are we both S30Z geniuses? I guess when you look at an older car it kinda goes safety, brakes, suspension, lowness, handling, restoring, etc. That stuff is more important than power to me.

Comment by enoezam

the only engine part that i REALLY want for my Z right now is triple webers… and not even for the power, just for the extra music. hahaha.

Comment by kyushakai

Very awesome choice of a brake system. This I have to see!

Comment by rpreme

my buddys running thises brakes F/R with 15 inch panasports with no prob, hope that helps!

Comment by Krinkov

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