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I Want A Toyota Project!
March 10, 2010, 4:38 pm
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Sorry guys, but here’s another Toyota post.  I was chatting with my buddy Shane (who cuts our badass Kyusha Kai stickers, by the way) and he was telling me about his previous and future projects.  He is a Toyota NUT and I want in on their lifestyle!

I really wish I had the money and parking space for a MX32 Cressida or a first generation Corona.  Unfortunately, the chances of finding one (or even parts for it) here in Hawaii are slim to none.  Besides, if push comes to shove, I’d rather have another Datsun…  Either Z, 510, or a 620 truck.  Or a B210.  Or B110.  Or a Fairlady.  DATTO LOVE!

By the way Datsun lovers, Anthony from Build Threads and I are planning a worldwide Datsun cruise.  We just gotta figure a way to ship our Datsuns to the same place, so be prepared! Haha!


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Same here. I want a Wagon or a Cressida lately. Wagon low down with a 4ag swap hella low with roof racks for all the fun stuff and explorin. Or the Cressy for a classy lowdown take my girl downtown Portland type.

Comment by enoezam

you can’t deny the old school toyota style!

Comment by HeroStyle

Get a ‘Yota!!
When are the stickers gonna be for sale??

Comment by Freddy

If you taste a’ll never go back! If you’re serious about an early RT or MX…they’re around here….

Comment by gaijinshogun

freddy: stickers are currently being cut. i just gotta find out the cheapest way to ship them to save everybody on shipping from HI.

gaijin: i see a lot of MX’s around in hawaii for sale… not so many RT chassis in hawaii… in fact, i’ve only seen one. RT’s would definitely have to shipped in from the mainland…

Comment by kyushakai

Thanks for the info!

Comment by Freddy

Lance, you should just buy these for your rear.

Comment by bkh808

i saw those the first day he posted them… hahaha. there is no way those monsters would fit under the stock fender!

Comment by kyushakai

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