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March 7, 2010, 11:55 pm
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It’s no secret that I absolutely love SSR’s.  The SP1 Professors are easily one of my favorite modern wheels.  But modern things are not why I created this blog.  Wheels that can survive decades of abuse and still look amazing are truly a testament of time.

15×11 -27 Formula Meshes.

13×11 -48  MK2’s.

14×12.5 -44 MK1’s.

And the big daddy of them all…  16×14.5 -20 Formula Meshes.

It’s amazing how many pairs of beautiful wheels are up for sale on Yahoo Japan right now.  If only I had the money and a ZG flared S30 to put them on.  The 15×11 -27 and 16×14.5 -20 Formula Meshes would make for one hell of a set!


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Awww I like your train of thought…SSR’s are some of the sickest wheels out their…I dream of SP1 professor’s on my s13 and SSR Meshes/MKII’s on a ae71/86 corolla like you can’t imagine:-(


Comment by beto

I think the mesh & MK series are all sick. An don’t get me started on professor’s.

Comment by enoezam

I just love wide tires. These are all awesome ways to put wide tires on your car, I completely approve.

Comment by Jesse

those formula mesh wheels are super cereal.

Comment by french

Formula Meshes are the best

Comment by N/Aontherun

Old School SSR is and will always be the best! Nothing can compare.

Comment by rpreme

That first pic – I thought those were a pair of my meshes! Whew…

Comment by Jin

you missed mk3’s! I love those mk2’s though!! gah

Comment by HeroStyle

oh i love mk3’s too, i just didn’t see any crazy deep sets while i was looking through yahoo japan!

Comment by kyushakai

Ah yeah, they’re a bit hard to come by it seems. I’m looking for some 14×9 at the moment and having a bit of difficulty.

Added you to our blogroll btw!

Comment by HeroStyle

low offset SSR’s will always be hard to find and the price won’t be so pretty but worth every penny.

Comment by rpreme


oh man i love mkii’s. there’s a set on club4ag, 14×8 for $1100. i guess that’s not bad, but i refuse to submit to buying 14’s for the same price as 17’s haha.

-Lucky *e7*club

Comment by tehluckinator

haha i saw those! very good taste sir!

Comment by kyushakai

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