Kyusha Kai

Aloha Kings Pt. 3
March 4, 2010, 12:52 am
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More pictures I’ve found from the show that I like.

The Kyusha Kai crew sittin’ pretty.

There’s an Infinity M30 somewhere behind the smoke.  This is under explicit instructions to not do any burn outs or drifting at the show.

The other end of the crew.  Ralph’s Cressida lookin’ as amazing as ever!

This one’s for Freddy.  A lot of the cars in the lot were just as amazing, if not more amazing than those in the show.  Shame about the SportMaxes though.  The car itself is super fresh.

Another parking lot picture.  The late, great, NSX rockin’ some Project Mu brakes and what looks like polished Advan F7’s.  Hopefully, we’re gonna set up a shoot with this car soon.

The amazing Levin that always makes it’s way to the different meets and shows that I attend.


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RAD cars out there man, so jealous of kenny

Comment by HENRY!

for going to hawaii that is

Comment by HENRY!

Shame on the XXR’s, but its the best of the best of 80’s

Comment by Freddy

Oh syet. Funny thing about RA65’s is that I still see a few of them here in salt obsessed Chicago. Kinda reminds me of the fox body Mustangs, shows Toyota’s inspiration for the Celica. Same feel here on the fake wheels, except I have FAdvans (Fake-Ass Advans) on my ST185 for the street. Eh, 5×100 sucks.

Comment by mrcid

As nice as that picture with the m30 maybe, I found it interesting how no one stopped them from messing around… let alone encouraged them to do so ? x]

Did you recruit the dude w/ the red celica vert?
Thing is like a diamond in the rough!

Comment by eseer

I don’t hate on fake wheels. Some times ur just too broke(like Me) to afford the legit stuff.

:facepalm: on the burn out. There is always that one ass that does it.

Comment by N/Aontherun

no worries man, it’s your car and you can build it how you want. don’t let anyone sway you otherwise.

unfortunately, the way i want to build my z, will mean me spending enough money to put another man on the moon.

but i can see where the nostalgic car owner is coming from when it comes to dropping big bucks on wheels… especially when their project costs less than the wheels itself.

Comment by kyushakai

thats my celica haha
what is kyushakai any way?
i ssen this on forumshawaii
if you know can you comment back thx

Comment by dyrell

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