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March 2, 2010, 4:02 am
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Here’s a couple of pictures of my car.

For Mr. DropJay of JDM EGO.  I love this shot.  Check the registration sticker!

I’m on the hunt for a pair of 15×8.5 or 9″ Longchamps to run in the rear so I can move the 15×8 -14 from the rear to the front.  If anyone knows of a pair for sale, LET ME KNOW!

Getting her ready for bed.  The suspension was jacked back up after the show and it was so much easier to drive.

My secret weapons.  These things are so awesome.  It ties my entire interior together.  Don’t mind the dirty windows.

Oh yeah, I got Kyusha Kai stickers made.  As soon as I get more cut, I’ll offer them up for sale.  The first batch was made for the Kyusha Kai homies and the support crew.


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Damn, car is looking GOOD. I was super close to getting a pair of similar recaros! They look pretty wild in the Z.

What sizes are your longchamps? Though I won’t be selling my 15×9-27 anytime soon, I’m definitely looking out for a bigger pair for my front(15×7-1). I’ve been looking around for some 15×8-14’s

Comment by HENRY!

my fronts are 15×7.5 -7 and my rears are 15×8 -14. i want to run the 8’s in the front and find something wider in the rear for a better stance. with a 5 mil spacer in the rear, it’s perfect but the 7.5 -7s in the front definitely leaves me wanting more and i don’t really want to run spacers.

Comment by kyushakai

Get us a betta pic a ‘dose seets!

Comment by xonix_digital

hmmm. well, DIBS on those 15×8’s if you ever change wheels. In fact, let me know if you ever sell those 7.5’s too, wink wink. And in exchange, samesies to you.

Comment by HENRY!

Lookin hella good low. Glad you finally got those seats. they look clean in this orange car.

Comment by enoezam

Those recaros are sick!
& those stickers are badass too!!

Comment by Freddy

Lookin hella fresh. Sorry I was in a rush earlier. The rear camber is my fave part. It just needs a wider wheels, but the stance is on point. Good job. Now we need Henry to stance up his Z. And eventually me…….eventually.

Comment by enoezam

Porno Z

Comment by R32Taka

UGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. your car is fucking sick!

added you on the blogroll.

mad props homie.

Comment by Yuta Akaishi

def. Z pron lol

Your Z has to be one of the cleanest and freshest on the net. No lie

Those recaro’s compliment your car so well because of the color and because they are orange they give it that old school vintage appeal and look to the interior.

The license plate was the icing on the cake. That was an incredible nice touch.

Could not have gone with a better choice of wheels. They are so on point, but I do agree with what you want. Wider will look even more insane.

Got any high res of the first pic? I’m tryin to check out that hottie on the top left… jokin

Great job dude. The Z is beautiful.

Comment by N/Aontherun

Lol I thought that was your car but I was not sure. Car looked fantastic and the seats really pulled everything together. Your car ended up being my wife’s new wallpaper on her phone (replacing our cats…an impressive feat I promise you). With just a few inch bigger wheels the car would be flawless. Can’t wait!

Comment by mattoattacko

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