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February 19, 2010, 4:29 am
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Incredible looking 510.  Nice stance with what looks to be SSR Reverse Mesh wheels.  I really love the paint.  I think *when* I get around to building a 510, it’s going to be either red, green or purple with fat glittery flakes.  The Z will always be my baby and the next car is going to be my fun project car that I can do crazy stuff to.

The engine bay sure is a head scratcher and the purists are PISSED.  The Honda F20c from an S2000 looks like it’s at home with a whole lot of space in there for a turbocharger.  While it would have been nice to have kept it Nissan, imagine this motor screaming at 9000rpm.  I’m a convert.


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Damn that is clean. I feel the same way except I want a KE70 with A 4AGE

Comment by enoezam

Yo that’s awesome. F20 on a 510. That’s one fresh paint shop

Purple FTW!

Comment by N/Aontherun

Seems like every car has F20 swaps now. Is this becoming too common?

Comment by Jin

Heh, if you want 9Krpm and keeping it in the family you could go the SR20VE route. From what I’ve read you need to modify the bellhousing to bolt to the VE and also relocate the distributor but at least you can use years of SR20 into 510 experience for mount kits etc. Course you might need a little work to hit that magic 9000rpm marker but at least it’s still Nissan.

Comment by Phil

Que?? What?? 😆 Increible 510 with F20C. I think that car is over JNC!!!

Comment by R32Taka

Here’s a vid including it running

Comment by Datnut

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