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Suspension Session Pt. 1
February 16, 2010, 1:32 am
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Today I woke up early (for me…  9:30am!) and drove out to my friend’s house in Waianae on the other side of the island to finally do a little suspension work.

Sucks for all you guys who have snowstorms and blizzards.  The beautiful Makua Valley greeted us on this scorching hot day.  Actually it sucks for us too.  The heat was killing me.  I had a cup of ice water in the shade and in 5 minutes, it was lukewarm water.

Idiot me didn’t realize getting to the strut towers to weld in camber plates requires taking off the fenders…  Which required taking off the bumper, front apron, headlight covers, wiper cowl, etc.  Such a pain.

While I was breaking down my front suspension set up, I scored big time.  I never took the time to really look her over the suspension until now and luckily, the previous owner had installed bumpsteer spacers (roll center adjusters).  Saves me $100!

“King Kirk”.  The coolest dude in the world for letting me use his driveway, his tools, his muscle mass (some of those bolts wouldn’t budge with my puny arms!) and his father’s expertise.

As of tonight, the Z sleeps on the other side of the island in pieces.  We still need to section the front struts and weld in the front camber plates, then we can move on to the rear.  I’m definitely dreading the spindle pins that everyone curses.  Everyone cross your fingers for me!


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yeeeeeeeee, getting work done!

Comment by eseer

Damn lookin’ good. I doubt those pins will be that much trouble. Seems like the previous owner was pretty good at car care & details.

Comment by enoezam

Score! on those bumpsteer spacers.
Looks like the PO was as good to this Z as you are.

Comment by N/Aontherun

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