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Grave Shifts Are Awesome
February 10, 2010, 5:43 am
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Brought one of my wheels and a bunch of sandpaper to work today for the dreaded grave shift.  One wheel repair shop I brought my rims to didn’t want to touch my wheels because of the clear coat/anodization.  I thought he was lazy.  Boy was he right.  Tried aircraft stripper to take off the clear but all it managed to remove was the black paint around the spokes and some of my arm hairs (that stuff BURNS!).

I really wish I took before pictures.  This was one I was sending out for quotes.  You can’t see the pits and scratches on the spokes and in the barrel.

Started with 60 grit to take out the curb marks, clear coat and scratches, then worked my way up to 150, 220, 400, 800, 1000 and 1500 grit.  Not too shabby for 6 hours of work.  Now I just have 3 more rims to go…

Oh yeah, I also built up a Fairlady Z432 in Forza3.  700+hp RB26 swap and AWD.  Painted it orange (of course) and sitting on black TE37’s.  It’s really disappointing though.  They have Watanabe rims, but only the Cyclone model.  No classic R Types and no SSR’s.


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Haha, way to make use of your time!

Comment by eseer

Best job ever.

Comment by enoezam

Aircraft is the shits. How much have you managed to polish already?

Comment by Brice Hiranaka (BKH808)

one rim is 95% done, one is 65% and one is 25% done. i want to get all 4 nearly done then send two of them out to get the bends taken out. when they come back from repair, i’ll probably break out the 1500 and 2000 grit sandpaper as well as the polish and powerball.

Comment by kyushakai

Dude tell me you used that outside or in a VERY WELL ventilated area. That’s the exact thing I’m using to strip the paint off my wheels and its SUPER STRONG and the smell can take down small children in seconds.

Comment by N/Aontherun

oh of course! i tried stripping the clear coat last week in a friend’s driveway and when it didn’t work, i decided i’d rather do it the hard way instead of dropping bucks to get them professionally redone.

Comment by kyushakai

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